Intercontinental Manila: Unpretentious Lunch at Urdaneta Room

Cured Pacific Parrot Fish Grave Lax
 Tagaytay Mesclun Salad
Sundried Tomatoes.
Manila, Philippines
October 21, 2011

Got an invitation for Reliv Philippines Press Conference with the outstanding Filipino-American Scientist Dr. Alfredo Galvez, the lead scientific advisor of Soy Labs. Dr. Galvez discovered "Lunasin" [from Filipino word - Lunas] which is a soy peptide that exhibits cholesterol lowering and cancer preventing properties. Joining with him in the discussion, Mr. Ryan Schimdt, Soy Labs' President.

Grilled Chicken Marinated in Saffron Low Fat Yogurt
For appetizer media people had Cured Pacific Parrot Fish Crave Lax with Tagaytay Mesclun Salad and Sundried Tomatoes. The greens were perfectly organic and fresh, while the cured parrot was tamely salted. Funny I was uncertain with the cured parrot fish, I don't know the difference between the pacific parrot versus the local "Loro" fish here, but I am definitely  sure, both came from the stonefish species. Isn't that Loro fish smells stinky, the smell can hardly removed unless your a true blue kitchen warrior. The cured version taste bland and was overpowered by the herbs put in it. I didn't finish the whole serving, call me boring, I really can't finish it. :)

Main dish - Grilled Chicken Marinated in Saffron Low Fat Yogurt with Steamed Rice and Wok Fried Vegetables. The grilled chicken was so tender and juicy. Sure thing with saffron, dish never goes dumb. Yogurt does good making it extra juicy and a little tangy. 
Dessert was a winner, White Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake in Vanilla Sponge and Mocha Sauce. We all enjoyed the mousse cake, I get to wipe off the mocha sauce, forget food etiquettes, nobody's looking at me anyway! :)
Intercontinental Manila
No. 1 Ayala Avenue
1226 Makati, Philippines

For menus and wine lists:
[t] (632) 793.7000


  1. Sounds like a delicious event. Too bad I am so far from the venue :(

  2. looks like the Choco Mousse is indeed a winner :P the Parrot Fish looks interesting naman a...was it that bad?

  3. other than the food reviews, i got extra inspiration in your blog overall, coz i'm starting a dubai-based food blog din.

  4. Thanks C5 and Ella for the drop! :)
    @Leah: Well looking at the parrot fish makes me cringe :/
    @Ion Gonzaga: wow! looking forward for your Dubai's best finds. :)

  5. Hmmm.. Yummmy. I love the presentation and pictures. I wish to try food from Intercontinental Manila someday.

  6. The photos alone make it very convincing to try eating at Intercontinental Manila. You are lucky to have been invited there.

  7. Ansarap nung chicken tignan! I wanna try them all soon! =)

  8. I love grilled chicken! The dessert looks yummy, too!

  9. sounds irresistable n hearty..
    first time your space.
    excellent posts with nice presentation..
    Am your happy follower now..;)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite


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