Philippines: Jamba Juice coming to Manila this November 11, 2011

Manila gets jambafied as Jamba Juice set to open its first branch in the Philippines this November 11, 2011 at the Bonifacio Global City. 

California's No. 1 lifestyle smoothie drinks reached the enterprising thirsty Philippine market, and it's about to make a name in the tropical grounds of Manila, where a growing lifestyle actives will get whirled by its better-for-you beverages. 

What makes Jamba's juice different?
Never been to California :)  That I will have to find out on 11.11.11 We've tasted several meal replacement supplements/drinks which we referred "lunch" and yep anything healthy most of it sometimes had after taste effect, but with natural extract, purees or blends,  our penchant for fruit juices never ceases to satisfy our thirsty appetite.

With Jamba Juice selection of drinks: fresh fruits, smoothies, sherbet, milk shakes and fro-yo's consumers not only get a dose of naturally healthy sip but with the inclusion of "boosts" like soy protein, anti-oxidant, immunity, vitamins and power super boosts for more extra energy lift. Can't wait to give it shot!  :)

Jamba Juice is under the Max's Group of Companies.


  1. I'm excited for this one. :)

  2. @ Shayne: Time for you to treat your ate's :D

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