Sooo Pinoy - Search is on for the Ultimate Food Blogger 2011 Foodamn Philippines is joining!

Sooo Pinoy - Search is on for the Ultimate Food Blogger 2011

by: Foodamn! Philippines

October 23, 2011 - Manila, Philippines
Sooo Pinoy Search for the Ultimate Food Blogger 
The Challenge:
  • 10 Destinations
  • 30 Days
  • 101 Restaurants
  • 1 Ultimate Food Blogger
Say, whose ready to wander and at the same time gain extra calories? :) 
Matutina's Seafoods , Pangasinan
"Adobong Pusit, Sinigang, Pinakbet, Inihaw na Bangus, and Lechon Kawali"
"Why should I be the ultimate sooo pinoy blogger?"
Felt the need and most of all the chance to explore new things and re-discover old ways around the island Philippines' sub-region Filipino cuisines. A FREE food trip, why not? This could be the most flavorful journey, touring the country in search for authentic Filipino dishes and foodies galore is a chance of a lifetime. 
Nay's HouseTarlac
"Sinigang Sugpo"
Foodamn! Philippines blog started this January 2011, most of the articles featured are original content and up-to-date in terms of food encounters and food reviews. Contents are based on my own personal encounters, theories, and insights. Opinions are 100% my own volition, not dictated by other media and establishments. I blogged what I came across regardless of the cost, value, origin, form and brand. Home-cooked, ready to eat, or made-to-order, name it if it tickled Foodamn's imagination, it'll end up blogged and have my cent's worth. 

Kabigting's Retiro
only branch in Metro Manila
Foodamn! is your humble servant, it started to propagate influence esp. to the online community and online marketing. Invitation from a group to another came in, when Foodamn! can squeeze in extra time and effort, rest assure a foodie event is worth mentioning. But then again, Foodamn! doesn't want to sacrifice unparalleled quality content, scheduled foodie event could only mean - same part-content. No matter how the message was chronicled, recount and delivered, always apply inventiveness and imagination. 
Gumbo in Metro Manila
A couple of  things to remember for someone branded as Ultimate Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger:
  • Jot down in a piece of paper or your  filofax, tweet it or post in your facebook wall your starting body mass - weight 
  • Handwash with soap before starting every meal, you never know what you gonna get!
  • Take note of food allergies in some cases, bring antihistamines.
  • Savor the food
  • Remember the food names, food preparation, and establishment background 
  • Try to have little of everything
  • Don't over indulge on just one dish! :)
  • Ooops avoid "Impacho" [overfed]
  • Always bring in toilet paper, hand sanitizer or handy alcohol, travel soap and most importantly  "Immodium" for emergency purpose. Trust me,  S**T happens for a reason :)
  • Of course shoot in-depth photos; macro, angled and filtered pictures is just a way to deliver a delicious message.
  • Brush your teeth and mouthwash every meal, a food blogger needs to look pleasing and fresh all the time :)
  • I suggest you drink lukewarm water after every meal, or order green tea or milk tea to detoxify unwanted cholesterol. 
  • Remember: be a healthy blogger, physically and mentally.
  • At the end of the 30-day period, "x - y = z" Calculate your present weight! Don't fret if you gained some unwanted fats, think of it as a blessing! Your one hell Ultimate Sooo Pinoy Blogger anyway!!!
Romulo Cafe, Metro Manila
"Bagnet Pakbet"
Laya, Antipolo
"Summer Salad"
Foodamn! not just narrate around a restaurant's full packaging and personal food review or what's for dinner scenario. The blog started with the "bibingkinitan" [rice cake] episode one afternoon, the image look great, why not give it an illustration and share the foodie experience to everyone to see, regardless if they've had the same commentary, had a recollection of the same background and most of all to those who haven't had a slightest idea of what Foodamn! is bringing in to the readers. Thus the Alice-in-Wonderland-phrase came at the concept: "eat me. drink me. share me".

Foodamn! has a soft spot for truly-unique Filipino food, like that of simpletons: "Suman sa Ibos", "Kalamay", "Bibingka", "Pastel", "Alfajor", and likes. People tend to neglect the most common and traditional food Philippines had, some may compose themselves as a grandeur food experts and/or critics, with comprehensive  and authoritative food analysis. I cracked an idea to streamline and target conventional Pinoy food available on my table per se.  Since others are hooked to elite and modernized foodie impression. Foodamn choose to relish the plain and simple Pinoy na Pinoy foodies.

Alaminos, Pangasinan

Caridad, Cavite City
Where does "Foodamn" term originated?
Really wanted to buy the the keyword foodamn for that matter, or maybe or, sooner or later foodamn will have her own identity. Foodamn came from our word-invention-world, "What's the foodamn for today?" could only mean - what's for dinner? what's for lunch? what's that? what's this? go get some foodamn, buy foodamn, take-out foodamn,  and so on.
"Suman sa Ibos"

Vjandep, Camugin
"Pastel Bun"
Good Shepherd, Baguio City
Le Chef, The Manor
Am I ready to be the Ultimate Sooo Pinoy Food Blogger? Damn, dining in 101 restaurants could mean laying my cards and being experimental to the untried, unknown edibles in the world of Philippine cuisine. A foodie 101, start from bottom to top. Chow time!

With a hint of Filipino exotic food and truly Filipino foods made for your visual appetites. Originally created by Green Dei of Foodamn Philippines and Green Dei Media PH.

Foodamn Philippines
Founder, Daryll (Green Dei)
Like Foodamn Philippines Official Facebook Page:

If you guys have tips on exotic food and recipes, write us at darylldial(at)gmail(dot)com

Full Disclosure: This article is being published based on my written opinions and press release of the establishment given to Foodamn Philippines. No business relationship involved with any company or organization promoting this event.


  1. I hope you win this contest. I believe you deserve it. :D

  2. Good luck, sis. Ang daming good Pinoy food dito sa post mo... I love to have a taste of that Bagnet Pinakbet.

  3. num...num...yummy delicacies!>>>>
    kahit picture nabubusog prin ako...

  4. God Bless po...Astig ng mga pics!

  5. This is cool! Good luck with the contest! Best regards,

    Jhong Medina

  6. Go for it, sis, I think you'll make it, masarap talaga ang maging pinoy lalo kung nakakaita ako ng mga "winner" na foodamn posts like yours! Nakakagutom sis! Thanks for sharing...

  7. Good luck! I am thinking of joining the same contest but I am so busy, I think I may just forget about it.. :P

  8. That Sinigang na Hipon made me hungry..nomnomnom

  9. For sure, you will win this contest. :)

  10. Thanks guys for the heads-up! Unfortunately, Sooo Pinoy changed previously released guidelines/mechanics instantly, what happens next is like participants left hanging on what's next announcement. Sooo Pinoy should have streamlined everything before going live with the contest proper.

    Round 1 [submission of entries] was supposed to end October 24, 2011 and suddenly Sooo Pinoy decided to extend it until November 21 without official announcement. Are they not responsible enough to consider, those who joins burn their brows just to meet the deadline?

    Calendar of activities are set ahead of time before public announcement to established credibility.

  11. Goodluck! I am a food blogger too but not much of a photo blogger...ur food pictures are really enticing...

  12. Goodluck sis! Go! Go! Go! Loved reading your Pinoy Food posts. I'm hoping I could get my favorites posted, too :) Looking forward to the long weekend to clear some blogging backlog.

  13. hope you win! visiting for FTF!

  14. You've done a good job with your food blog. Good luck! Here's my FTF entry:

  15. Good Luck! Hope you'll win that contest! I think it's fun and exciting! :)

  16. Wow, If I knew about this earlier I would also join.... but not for the prizes... for the food trip lol!

    Good luck dial!


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