Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #25

Foodamn is back and re-joining the Weekend Blog Caravan No.25 to exchange and be a follower at Google Friend Connect [GFC]

Task for this week:
  1. Create a blog post with WBFC Badge to welcome the participants. Link it to this week's sponsors: Tetchie She and GEORGYL: Welcome to Our World.
  2. Submit your blog post to WBFC No.25. *Note: Not your homepage URL.
  3. Visit other participating blogs and leave a comment to fellow participants' welcome post if your done being GFC Follower. New and old follower are required to post comment. :)
  4. Make an effort to visit and follow all participant's entry.
Weekend Blog Follower Caravan is a simple online blogger-helping-blogger weekly meme. It was designed for bloggers to help each other in terms of blog followers  through Google Friend Connect, email subscribers, Twitter Follower and/or Facebook Fan Page Likes.


  1. old GFC(wifetoalineman02) here Sis, hope that you can follow me back too

  2. here's my link!

  3. New follower here visiting via WBFC.

  4. following you via WBFC. hope you follow me back too..tnx lovin that header of yours.


  5. hi! joined WBFC #25 but am an follower here thru GFC!!! hope you can follow back my's my entry for the week..

    have a great week ahead!

  6. Hi! Followed you on GFC and liked your FB page as Thess Enriquez. Here's my entry for WBFC -
    If you're interested to win a Blackberry Curve, join Closeup Fire Freeze contest -

  7. Hi there!visiting for WBFC#25

    new follower here : Icar

    Icar (

  8. old follower here - Yannie

  9. followed you on GFC and liked your FB page ;)

  10. Old follower using Mona.
    Have time to follow me back in my new blog thanks.

  11. hi! I'm joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan for the first time! ;)

    Followed you as: JayL Aquino

    and here's the link to my entry:

  12. Thank you for joining WBFC # 25.

    Following as "Mommy Rubz"

    Hope you can join again for WBFC #26!

  13. hi followed you!! sorry for the late visit, saw your comment in spam


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