Saturday, November 5, 2011

Nueva Ecija: Palakang Bukid Dish - with Ampalaya Leaves and Fried Frog

Filipino Exotic Food 

A Frog Dish

I remember the first and last time I took a very small bite of stewed palakang bukid when we were still kids in the province of my grandfather in Zambales, that was years ago. :) It's absolutely safe to eat, a Filipino exotic food must try.

Yesterday, folks brought home raw "palakang bukid" peeled and slightly salted to withstand traveling hours to Manila. Apparently these kermits are naturally can be eaten because it hails from clean waters of Central Luzon's rice fields, "bukid" to locals. 
Inampalaya and Kinamatisan 
And so it was cooked in two entirely different dish, one stewed and the other deep fried. I have to admit eating and de-boning the frog will have to take some time, I was able to survive the ampalaya leaves and soup and pass it with lots of excuses. But the fried frog seems easier to munch, particularly the leg part. Tasted like chicken with a twist, maybe I was thinking chicken while swallowing kermit. :) A Filipino food you cannot resist, if the idea is new to you, the take is simple - close your eyes while eating it, you'll get the hang of it the sooner the better.
Deep-fried toads
Palakang bukid cost PhP120 for 12 pieces [10 peso each], I guesstimate it as less than a kilo. 

I asked a couple of friends from Facebook, "who knows how to cook kermit?"
Responses were:
  • Adobo withl luya [by Kris Ryan B. Zara]
  • Gatang palaka :) [by Jennifer Valmonte]
Next on the line from Foodamn exotic food adventures, snake blood anyone? :)
By the way, got any good recipes you can come up with palakang bukid? Comment a ribbit below.