Mercato Centrale : Juana Bowl's Fish Fillet and Pork Ribs

Grilling sumptuous meal by Juana Bowl at the Mercato Centrale Weekend Market 

Mercato Centrale in Fort Bonifacio has been continuously marking its name for best foodie bazaars and finds among the Metro Manila's appetite-drooling food aficionados. 
Juana Bowl can be seen at Mercato Centrale on weekends only [every Saturday and Sunday]. Serves American Cuisine influenced with Filipino taste. 
Baked Fish with olives

Juana Bowl's dishes appears steep and would cost you a lot with the presence of Grilled U.S. Rib eye Steaks on the menu. For PhP245 rib eye steak which includes rice or bread and potato salad dessert, I say this thing was a great deal! Most American-blend restaurants in the Metro sucked up your pockets for a  single steak order ranges from PhP1,000 and above depending on the ambiance and cozy-look of the place. Although Mercato Centrale is an open tent food bazaar, where lack of relaxed and snug dining experience but high on best food finds. The place is recommended for family packs and free-spirited diners like us! :) 
Malted Pork Ribs
Foodie Verdict:
The Fish Fillet from Juana Bowl is like a gourmet-type, me being a small-proportioned diner can make that fillet serving good for two, large enough to shared by two heads, provided with a side order and another dish to shared with. :)

For the pork ribs, oh boy! If you're a vegetarian, will you stop thinking about green leafy and protein-buster just for a day? :) The meat was so tender and juicy, I don't recall the herbs they injected to it, this one also rocks!  Best to matched with Potato Marbles in olive oil or preferably with mashed potato. Set you right foot to Mercato Centrale, we even had a multiple food tasting fancy while rounding up the place. I brought home Malunggay fortified snack to experiment food tasting to some of the kids who hates vegetables. :) 
Juana Bowl @ Mercato Centrale
Corner of 34th and 8th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City
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  1. It's been a while since my last visit in Mercato.. Parang ang dami ng bago :) would be back soon :)

  2. Definitely you must Berylle, the organic day market and food market is something to explore at. :)


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