Unearth Laksa at Secret Recipe Manila - Shangri-La Plaza

Secret Recipe in Shangri-La Mall Plaza Mall
If you're bound to crave for an Asian cuisine with the likes of Thai foods, Japanese, Malaysian, Singaporean or Vietnamese; unearth Secret Recipe's classified dishes.
Curry Seafood Laksa PhP350  [approx. $7.5]

Curry Laksa hails from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore in general. At Secret Recipe, a  home-made curry gravy with seafoods is made of pasta noodles, spiced with laksa leaf, chili paste, herbs and coconut-based curry soup. The main ingredients for the seafood version of curry laksa includes tofu puff, shrimp, hard-boiled egg and squid. What I liked about this particular soup, the tofu was evidently fresh and moist, it was really spicy the way Laksa should be! A single order can be shared because to its large servings.

Kid's Beef Spaghetti Bolognese PhP160 [approx. $3.5]
Kids will love Secret Recipe's selected spaghetti, it's topped with mozzarella and minced beef. Other recipe from Kid's Club were: Kid's Beef Burger [PhP165] and Kid's Fish and Chips [PhP190]. A Kid's Burger order includes four (4) mini burgers garnished with sliced cucumber served with alphabet fries. Kid's Fish and Chips is made up of golden fried fillet served with tartar sauce and alphabet fries.
 Fresh Watermelon Smoothies [darker pink] PhP90 and 
Fresh Fruit Punch Smoothies [lighter pink] PhP120
Secret Recipe's juices and smoothies, can be recommended to those with diabetes-diet. Almost all the three smoothies we tried, were all too tangy. Obviously we are so used with smoothies served with spoonful of sweets and sugars. These juices stick up to their natural-based nature. 
Overall, we gave a high-five for the Curry Laksa, compare to other Asian restaurants  offering the same dish, Secret Recipe's Laksa have our recommendation. The spaghetti bolognese, though it was suppose to be for kids, little totes might not munch it alone, the serving size was also bigger than expected for a single child's meal.

Secret Recipe's interior is well-lighted. Furnishings uses minimalist white  with red interior wall. The service was averagely okay, for the foodie there were goods that appears pricey and there were also foodstuffs justified by the affordable price. They have an unusual menu design [the way I imagined it], the outer cover design can be mistaken for a cosmetic catalogue :) 
Secret Recipe
5th Level Shangri-La Plaza Mall
[t] (632) 637-0367


  1. Wow, looks so delicious. I wanna create a food blog too but I don't have budget to eat to a restaurant like this.

  2. Hi Henry, maintaining a food blog need not be costly. I set-up Foodamn based on my personal encounters, be it expensive or really cheap finds. It doesn't necessarily means food reviews should come from high-end establishments. :) As long as it's unique and you wanted it to share, go for it! :)

  3. Ahhhhh Looks so good! I'd love to have one of those right now!!!

  4. Try it Peter, don't you have Secret Recipe branch in your area? :)

  5. Oh no, I'm already hungry. Those pictures our mouth watering. They have nice prices too. The place is also inviting. I wish I'm in Shangri-La Plaza now.

  6. These pics and reviews of the food are so great! Did you take all these pics yourself. I live in South Florida, USA and we don't have any Filipino food here! I miss the spicy flavor! Great post!


    Jupiter Jim

  7. Oh great! My boyfriend will surely love Curry Seafood Laksa!

  8. If this place will have a branch here in our place im definitely gonna try dining here, seems their foods are affordable and worth eating :D

  9. so far their branches I believe are spread out only in Manila areas. Try it Iam :)

  10. Thanks Vic and Lizzie, try it one of these days, saw one branch in BGC, Taguig :)

    Thanks Jupiter Jim, those pictures were taken using a Samsung camera phone only. I'm experimenting on its capabilities. :) You must explore Filipino foods, its flavorful, diverse and rich in culture!

  11. Those seafoods with curry are mouth-watering. I am an avid fan of spicy foods and those thick sauces look savory.

    yummy post!

  12. Indeed bro, it's one of the spiciest laksa I've tried so far.

  13. I think I'm gonna like that Watermelon smoothie. The "kid" serving looks like one for an adult already. =)

  14. Awesome! Now You have made me HUNGRY!

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  16. Great work. Looks prestige and expensive.


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