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Cafe Dominic - Unlimited Coffee and Cakes

Where Coffee and Heavenly Cake Flows

at Cafe Dominic 

by The Coffee Beanery

Cakes and Pastries

Bread and Pastries



As we were headed down the traverse road of Quezon Avenue on our way to Forbes Road, passing by the Araneta Avenue to Banawe gridlock. Our food blogger friend Vance of Security Blanket [] spotted in a speedy sight, the power of food inclination to those with passion and adventures of eating - creates an influence of attraction to those who seek more often. :)

More so when she saw Cafe Dominic's tarpaulin banner ad displaying: Unlimited Coffee and Cakes for PhP150. She must have seen the tarp first before the establishment. She suggested the place emphasizing on the unlimited, not the existing cafe name beforehand. That's why we love spending time with her, she dares to try anything under the sun that includes your cents worth. 
Cafe Dominic lies within boundaries of Sto. Domingo Church compound. The waiter/server made a brief introduction about the coffeeshop. The Cafe Dominic came from the same group that brought Cravings and The Coffee Beanery. Thus adopting the term "Dominic" is somewhat adaptable since the cafe is renting the space from Sto. Domingo. Perhaps  an association with name branding could well marketed the place.

Pasta Ziti
PhP 160 [approx. $3.5]
I believe Cafe Dominic opens in public last December 2011, the cafe appears notably new and just recently constructed. We went there for an afternoon delight, not that I like to have unlimited cakes, but I was curious what does a customer gets with her/his PhP150 pesos. The Coffee Beanery [TCB] has been offering quality delis and coffee blends. I thought coming up with an unlimited service is highly commendable. 
Dalandan Smoothie PhP 90 [approx. $2]
Unlimited Coffee - a choice between hot or cold serving
As much as I like the unlimited offering, I dwell not for the meantime. Came from a holiday season of munching cakes and sweets everywhere. The cravings with cakes just went down naturally this January 2012. And I hyperventilate with too much coffee. 

What did we have? 
Both food bloggers got The Pasta Ziti and Dalandan Smoothie, while the other advocate blogger friend Noria Adam-Lim [] tried the unlimited coffee and cakes.
If four refills of cake servings can't be enough, you can still ask for more. Other than that Cafe Dominic also offers entree, pasta, breads, shakes, juices and teas.
Walk-ins are welcome, Cafe Dominic has an open parking inside the Sto. Domingo compound. They even have Filipino breakfast, if I were to spend breakfast here, I'll go unlimited - morning coffee goes well with cakes :)

Cafe Dominic
"A Sweet Taste of Heaven"
8 Biak na Bato Street
Quezon City 1114
[t] 777.8888

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