Soup No.5: Carabao's Bat and Balls

Filipino Exotic Food

Home-cooked edition of Soup No.5

Carabao Bat and Balls

The dish is more like a soup no.5, although this one has a twist. It was purposely cooked as "Sinampalukan". Instead of beef, a carabao meat with testicles and organs were cooked with sampaloc juice. Soup No.5 is commonly known as Bat and Balls tied with its aphrodisiac effects they say, mostly with beer drinkers and is highly considered as one of Filipino exotic food. Apart from that stimulant effect, its better to say Soup No.5 usually gave that exciting food energy supplement.

The carabeef and internal organs was freshly bought, straightly murdered poor carabao at around Php 1,000 in Calapan City, Mindoro. Here in Metro Manila, I was told that carabeef mostly the bat and balls were easily sold to Chinese restaurants. 
The internal organs and carabeef was cooked in such a way Chinese does, with herbs and spices. But the sampaloc juice extracts dominates the taste. Compare to beef version of Soup No.5. The Carabeef's and bat & balls soup is thicker and creamier :) And admit it, a healthier version for a Foodamn exotic food.
I tried the soup once, mostly soup minus the meat and everything on it :) It really taste good while for the old folks, they have to eat in moderation unless they don't want to hear a screaming joints and ligaments swelling with ouchs and oohs. A stock of Boren meds may help on most occasion. While for the resident beer/wine drinkers in the house, they took it as "pulutan". Filipino food never ceases to amaze even the foreigners. We're known for exotic foods with unique cooking approach.

Its 2012, and we're about to begin a fresh food adventures. Foodamn likes to know yours, share it with us. 


  1. HI Pink! A famous food blogger once told me, trying something new is like comparing your first attempt in doing bungee jumping. The next thing you knew, you'll ask for more! :)

  2. Best food I've ever tasted my dad always make this Filipino exotic and it is the UpYourDicksiak (Aphrodisiac).. :D


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