Krispy Kreme Baked Creations

Cortes Delas Palmas opens Krispy Kreme
The First Baked Creations Theater

Offered anyone a Krispy Kreme doughnut, would you imagine if they'll think twice and ignore it? What differs Krispy Kreme from other brands aside from the fact that they are all sweets? Yes, their doughie are moist and palatable, why can't you resist it? Do you or can you? Give Foodamn a doughnut overview, who knows we might give you a half-a-dozen of Original Glazed Doughnuts!!! :)
The most-talked doughnut debuts its first store in the South Metro - Alabang. The perks being a Baked Creation Theater, customers especially kids had the chance to customize their plain donuts into Krispy Kreme's rotating chocolate dip. The exciting part, we get to sprinkle the doughnut's surface with our choice of toppings from rainbow sprinkles, oreos, cookies and kreme, cheescake, Snickers, M&M's caramel kreme crunch or Hershey's Special Dark chocolate.
my so-called "baked creation"
chocolate dipped with oreo toppings :)

But that afternoon, I had enough of doughnuts in mind before we even came. I wanted to devour something new Krispy Kreme offers, I had Four Cheese Pull Aparts - a North Carolina recipe. The hand-rolled balls of dough was pulled apart and laid to form a doughnut like texture and taste minus the overly sweet flavor. Typical for brunch or snacks paired with warm mocha or latte.
Krispy Kreme
Baked Creations
Four Cheese Pull Apart PhP70 [approx $1.70]
Krispy Kreme Chillers
[L-R] Coffee Jelly and Mocha Latte
PhP135 and PhP125 respectively [approx $3.15 per glass]
As for the Kruffins, I tried the Banana Walnut - American style hand-made muffin. It's a muffin with a hole topped with flavored cream and fruit filling. The kruffin was too sweet the first time I tried it. My fellow food blogger buddy tried dipping it into the cream. Her reaction was sublime, as soon as I tried it, I remember Remy from Ratatouille. Remy's combination of cheese and strawberry together created a psychedelic eating pleasures. You sure will remember me too hopefully :) The cream was put there with a purpose, it creates vibe - kruffin tasted like a zesty and moist texture. Go for yourself and create your own judgement.
Krispy Kreme
Baked Creations
Banana Walnut Kruffin PhP65 [approx $1.50]
The Baked Creations is tailored for brunch - "not too light, not too heavy".

Krispy Kreme
Baked Creations Theater
The Street
Corte Delas Palmas
Alabang Town Center


  1. Ever wondered back in the days (when we only had local donuts avlble) when watching TV series in the '80s & '90s, what's so special about donuts that they would consistently show cops or policemen during stakeouts, during interrogation and even during their breaktime scarfing down these delectable treats?
    ...And then we tasted Krispy Kreme.
    'Nuf said.

  2. krispy kreme is the favorite of my sister...lagi syang may pasalubong pag payday....


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