Dreamwave at White Beach, Puerto Galera

Dreamwave White Beach, Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro

After a morning hike at Talipanan Falls, we rode off two tricycles and headed to White Beach, our rides cost us PhP200 [approx. $5] good for 8 persons. Yes with aching feets and hungry minds, we spend lunch at Dreamwave beachfront. 
Dreamwave Hotel 

 What's for lunch?
Buttered "Pusit" Squid
Adobong Pusit
Boneless Bangus
Sinigang na Sugpo
Not in picture, Pork BBQ and omelette, the sad part - we ordered two Tanigue dishes , we were told it wasn't available. I was hoping the establishment that stand beside a shoreline where seafoods are supposed to be abundant, turns out to be not our typical restaurant. Service were okay despite the live music on a sunny morning. We were there 11:00a.m., our orders took so long to prepare. We almost finished our fruit shakes and comes in and out of the comfort rooms a couple of times, I wonder if we ordered lunch too early or they started so late. The food verdict, okay for hungry mutants, the rice was great, just rice I say. :) The rest is very typical. I recommend Sis Seafoods in Macapagal, Manila. :)
White Beach
Puerto Galera


  1. Missing Puerto Galera already. Would love to go there this May.. :)

    1. Hello Ms. Eihdra, we frequent the place coz my husband's family is from Oriental Mindoro :) share us your re-visits :)


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