Ecoparadise Philippines: Foodies with Negative Ions

Yogurt and Wine made from Ecoparadise Products

Have you ever tried a foodie stuff infused with negative ions? These are food made from containers/storage charged with negative ions - in a span of few hours. Zenyu Ecospa in Hotel H2O offers Ecoparadise products available for public consumption.
I had a shot of home-made wine fermented only a few months ago using the Ecoparadise pail - the magic pail as referred. Surprisingly, the wine had a real blast of its own. Fermentation normally takes a period of months or even years. The longer the fermentation, the wine ages dramatically subjecting to finer taste and texture.

wonder container with yogurt
Second stop was the mango yogurt made only after 3 days if I can recall. Same technology - with negative ion food container.

The Ecoparadise pail has amazing features:
#1 Converts water into ionized water in hours
#2 Produces "fruit enzymes" in days and wine in a few months
#3 Processes yogurt in a few hours
#4 Storage container that eliminates or reduces odor of organic waste and dirty laundry.

The food processing yields faster result using the negative ion elements. This is because the pail and/or food container [the plastic itself] has no synthetic elements that promotes harmful effects to a product, to human bodies and to environment. Making things around us vulnerable to "sick syndrome" effect. The ecoparadise products like the pail and food container is made from high-grade plastic combined with anti-oxidant solution. With the deoxidizing solution technology, free radicals and bacteria has no place to promulgate themselves. Making your yogurt and wine an easy step, healthier and better for body absorption and blood circulation.

Ecoparadise products are available at Zenyu Ecospa in Hotel H2O at the Manila Ocean Park. For more updates visit

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  1. Hi Bloger, yes, Ecoparadise acts on the simple premise – providing negative ions, which are absorbed by the body. Employing a special technique originating from Japan. For detail review, please see below link:


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