LUCA's Cucina Italiana at Talipanan, Mindoro

Oriental Mindoro's Puerto Galera

Luca Philippines Pizza and Pasta

Amidst the busy scene in White Peach Puerto Galera, foreign tourist and food adventurer hassled up to Talipanan, Puerto Galera to have a taste of the word-of-mouth pizza place. Luca's or Luca Philippines was formerly located in Calapan City as told by my relative from Calapan before it was moved to Puerto Galera.
The Italian resto is now under renovation while the lodge is on the rear left adjacent to the resto. We took a bite of the dishes we ordered, contemplating on the feedbacks from Luca's patrons.

Quattro Formaggi 
Has tomato, cow cheese, herbs cheeses, parmesan and mozzarella
PhP 400 [approx. $9.3]
Lucas [Half Fold and Half Open]
Has tomato, ham, salami, mushroom, mozzarella, onions
PhP 400 [approx. $9.3]
Tonno alla Livornese

Has tuna tomatoes, onions
PhP 240 [approx. $5.5]

Seafoods with red sauce
PhP 320 [approx. $7.4]
Penne Carbonara

Has bacon, egg, white sauce
PhP 280 [approx. $6.5]
Shells with white sauce
PhP 360 [approx. $8.3]
The Q Formaggi was the best being a thin pizza, while the carbonara - it may look plain and yet it has  a kick of its own. Seafood Marinara Ziti is always look and taste safe for everyone. While the the tonno - my family has always been a fish-kind-of-person. The tuna has a very rich natural tomato-based - we referred to it as the rich-man's sardines :)

When White Beach Puerto Galera, be sure to make reservations at Luca in Talipanan! Just a one ride or should I say a boat ride away.
Long Drink Cocktails

Screwdriver - Vodka Orange
Luca's Cucina Italiana
signature round table
The exterior and interiors of Luca's, it's an open air Italian resto made with Filipino-themed furnitures - bamboo and nipa hut. Accentuated with nostalgic Italian photo memorabilia.
Going to Talipanan by land is by tricycle ride from White Beach, Puerto Galera PhP100 [$2.3]f or 3-4 persons. By boat, you can hire a "katig" usually charge from PhP2,500 and below depending on the agreement.

You can also check-in at Bamboo House Beach and El Canonero Diving and Beach Resort for easy access to Luca's, Talipanan Falls and Mangyan Village.
Luca's Cucina Italiana and Lodge
the place to be
the place to eat
the place to stay


  1. I went here last year i would really recommend their food... I was so happy about the taste though i didnt like the seafood pizza.. ^^


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