Angeles, Pampanga: New York Supreme

New York Supreme

Panizza, Alfalfa, Aragula, Pasta and Etc.

The pizza place must have been moved from bigger area, last 2011 New York Supreme gets crowded at night, waiting area becomes full, truly a sign that most Kapampangans love to explore their kababayan's food exploration. Food adventurers, travelers and maybe some food bloggers must have heard "panizza" craze way back since C' Italian Dining pioneered the original menu in Pampanga.
New York Supreme's Panizza
loaded and rolled
The first time we dropped by (from the first months of its soft opening), we weren't able to get a shot, drove off and move to C' Italian Dining. This time, we had it home-bound - take home. :)

New York Supreme Pizza Wrap and other brand names in the pizza industry embrace the panizza trend. It's close to C' Dining in terms of excitement and taste. Yellow Cab's Dear Darla comes third in my opinion. So far, they can't beat C' Dining leaderboard for being an authentic Italian panizza place.
sliced, loaded with alfalfa, arugula and pesto dip
Fried Chix
What is panizza?
A pizza on soft tortilla-textured dough, sandwiched with greens: arugula and alfalfa and moist with pesto dip. Rolled and ready for gastronomic bites. :)

I heard a place  somewhere in Makati that also serves one great panizza, can you guys guess the pizza place?