Seaside Macapagal: Sis Seafood Palutuan

Sis Seafood Palutuan

Seaside Macapagal Avenue

Seafood dishes at Sis Seafood Palutuan located in Seaside Macapagal Avenue is always  guaranteed fresh. Why did I say it? Freshly cooked seafoods may be distinguished from its sweet-like taste,  meat is naturally tender, color, aroma and flavor. "Bilasa" and frozen seafoods tends to have foul smell, discoloration, meat has dry texture and "makati" [itchy and irritating] texture. 

The first time we got in here, it was dinner time and the place was kinda crowded, we've made reservations with some doctors and its family. There were 3 middle-aged musicians carrying acoustic guitar, ukelele and bass guitar [baho in Filipino] to serenade the guests with ultra modern songs like that from Bruno Mars. :) I did 2 video clips of them, I almost forgot about it. Will try to post it on my YouTube channel one of these days.
Buttered Garlic Prawns

Adobo Filipino
Pusit Lumot
Halaan Soup
1:00 p.m. on April 7, 2012
Black Saturday 
There were few people in the dining area, must be because it's a holiday - Holy Week [Black Saturday] most people spent their holy week in the provinces. It's our stop-over lunch, coming from Mindoro week-long vacation. The street were clear, the atmosphere of traffic unseen. Even the food establishments was a place to have a peaceful gastronomic treats.

Sis Seafood Palutuan

"Palutuan" means made to cook upon order. Sis is becoming famous for this trend. The food and custom-cooking are charge affordably and they serve with efficiency. When ordering fresh seafoods, you order by the weight and tells them your cooking preferences. 

The  seaweed salad (no images) was so good and inviting. I don't usually conform with sea shells taste and sanity :) but this time the halaan was flavorful, even our toddler loves sipping the soup and picking up the meat from its hard shell. While the "adobong pusit" [squid] looks a mere load of inks, you guys have to try it, it's heavenly! The squid meat was cooked at the right amount of heat, still very tender and juicy. Also, nothing can beat the rounds of buttered garlic prawns [forget food allergies!]. For dessert, we had leche flan. Almost all the food served on the table were really really good. True blue diners succumb at Sis for pleasurable experience.

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How to get there:
Sis Seafood Palutuan
with free parking
Sis Seafood Palutuan
Seaside Macapagal Boulevard
Pasay City, Philippines
[t] 556-1786