Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star 2012 Top 3 Winners

Season 3: Top 3 Winners

Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star 2012

The two-day semi-final and final for the 3rd Wok-A-Holic cooking competition was held at the Cash and Carry Mall last July 7 and 8 respectively. What makes the cook-off more challenging? Each contenders were given recipes from WOKaholic mentors: Chef Bruce Lim, Chef Rosebud Benitez and Chef Jonathan Bautista. So expect their prying eyes on every details of your kitchen proper.

Some failed, some epic. Foodamn Philippines was one of the media jurors, and gets an instant  first-hand access among the six experimental dishes assigned to Wokaholics contenders.


Inglorious food criticism 

* Chef Bruce quoted:
"bastardized dish"
"this thing is a crap"
"no comment" status 

* Chef Jonathan must have said "I don't understand (the dish of course)" thrice. He did bastardized the term "understand!" 

Foodamn's random ala Auguste Gusteau's "anyone can cook" judgement based on what they served the media people. Since the mentor chefs act as the Anton Ego of the Wokaholics, we dare ourselves with an honest-to-goodness foodie opinions. Note that the contenders were given 3 minutes to prep up the ingredient and another 45 minutes for the total dish work-out! :)

Lorenza Quintos vs. Georgia Shirar - Shirar's prawns and tofu was subdued in oil, making it too greasy and unhealthy to finish the sampler.  During the semi-finals, Shirar's entry - a Mindanaoan dish was highly praised and dubbed as "a new dining experience" from among the 4 judges. She was my bet in becoming the Season 3's Wokaholic kitchen star. We just expected too much from her. 

Quintos' dish - so sad I can't remember the full details of her Boullabaise, hers was a vegetarian version. The soup-based needs a little touch up to even out the bland side. I told fellow jurors, the dish went out too sour and lacks seasoning to spice up the flavor. 

L-R: Quintos and Shirar

Roki Ferrer vs. Rigette Osoteo - Ferrer's stir-fried prawns tasted like an over-sprinkled roasted garlic. The Osoteo's chicken stir fry with coconut milk achieved the most positive reviews. With just the right amount spice and coco milk, for me the spring onions has overcome the taste of the coconut cream. But overall, one of the best dish that night. 
L-R: Ferrer and Osoteo

Rosarie Penaflo vs. JM Darlucio - Penaflo's old school Paella - the rice was cooked with too much water, making the paella close to "lugaw" (rice stew) and lost its color and flavoring. Paella preparation alone eats up a lot of time, imagine the pressure of making a perfect paella within 45 minutes. Penaflo's time clock was extended for 5 minutes, although as agreed points will deducted by the chef judges. Darlucio's Seared Tuna with Sour Sauce tasted buttery tangy - although the chef's spoke of a failure on this dish. I find it acceptable, I don't know if we're just used to raw tuna and sashimis back home. Some jurors said it was raw, yes of course it's a kilawin dish, what do you expect? 

sear |si(ə)r| verb [ trans. ]burn or scorch the surface of (something) with a sudden, intense heat
Penaflo (Paella) vs. Darlucio ( Seared Tuna with Sour Sauce)

Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star 2012
Season 3 Cook-off Winners:
Electrolux Wok-a-holic Kitchen Star 2012 Top 3 Winners
Champion - Rigette Osoteo with blogger partner Aylin Vedad
1st Runner-up - Roki Ferrer with blogger partner Juan Manila
2nd Runner-up - Rosarie Penaflo with blogger partner Kumagcow

Special Awards:
Media's Choice Award (dish chosen by the jurors) - Rigette Osoteo
People's Choice  Award (online voting) -
Tara Cagadoc with blogger partner yours truly Foodamn Philippines :)
Electrolux Wokaholic online voting results
Foodamn Philippines' Daryll Villena with Chef Rosebud Benitez Image from: Juan Manila Express

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