Monday, July 2, 2012

Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star Finalist: Tara Cagadoc

Vote for Super Mom Tara Cagadoc 

for the 3rd Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star 2012 

Almost two months ago, Foodamn Philippines has shown you guys how an aspiring culinary wannabe can take her/his dreams into reality just by submitting an entry of your best (should have been loaded) recipe and be chosen as Top contenders for the 3rd Wok-A-Holic cooking competition and be hailed as the Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star for 2012.
Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star Top 14 Finalist
from  Culinary Boot Camp held at Waltermart North Edsa
with Chef Bruce Lim, Chef Rosebud Benitez and Chef Jonathan Bautista
Alas the search is over, Top 14 wokaholics was revealed and exposed to the kitchen hell's of celebrity chef mentors: Chef Bruce Lim, Chef Rosebud Benitez and Chef Jonathan Bautista of CCA. The top 14 finalists undergoes ala kitchen star boot camp and will have a fiery face-off via 3rd Wok-A-Holic cooking competition, a series of challenges will unleash the creativity, competitiveness and real culinary skills of these ordinary individuals. But this year, Electrolux came up with extra something to spiced up the kitchen arena - foodie bloggers will tag along and could ruin the situation :) (Yup! your guess is as good as mine dude). Seriously, Foodamn will take part as sous chef, the Top 14 has partnered with - - - well amazing 14 bloggers, you heard me right? I say, are we going to hack each other's kitchen area? :) Food blogging is kinda fun in the Philippines!
The winners will be announced during the Grand Cook Off at Cash and Carry Makati on July 7 and 8. At the end of the kitchen battle, only one will emerge as the Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star taking home the grand prize of a culinary scholarship from CCA Manila, an Electrolux kitchen showcase and gifts from this year’s Wok-a-holic partners.

Finally, meet my Wok-A-Holic partner: Tara Cagadoc, a software developer and a mom of three whom she showered with good food while coding her programs. What do we have in common? Yes I'm a cute mom too! haha, you do the math. My presence are both in the kitchen (not as food critic or dishwasher!) so what's a blogger role? Food tester maybe :) As for the cooking part, I am an OC when it comes to kitchen preparation, cooking methods and the full works. I want a clean looking chop... but whatever my partner demands me, as long as I can - she can count on me.
Tara Cagadoc, Chef Rosebud Benitez and Foodamn
Vote for "Tara Cagadoc"
--Wok-A-Holic finalist-
Apart from that, social media will influence the "People's Choice" that explains my task. Let's help Tara Cagadoc reach the most votes. To make it simple, just click the link:
Search for Tara's profile (scroll down to the bottom part) and hit the "LIKE" button to cast your votes.

Get to know more about my partner, Wok-A-Holic Super Mom Tara  Cagadoc.  
You can also register your name and vote at the same time, Electrolux will share exciting prizes for everyone who cast their votes. Who knows, Foodamn might give some pretty soon! You can comment below and informed me that you voted Tara Cagadoc (do it honestly) God is looking at you down here :) and they say "karma is digital" and I say when you're done; share this blog post to your facebook wall and/or twitter.
Tara Cagadoc for Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star 2012
How will I know? Just comment back here with your facebook status link or twitter link. Oh wait, the Wok-A-Holic sponsors are: Center for Culinary Arts, Meyer, Lee KumKee, Biokips, GastroChef, Solane LPG, Pyrex, Corelle, Cif, and Surf Dishwashing Liquid. I'm just saying, please don't expect Solane LPG!

Electrolux Wok-A-Holic Kitchen Star 2012 
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