Filipino Native Food: KAKANIN and Other Native Delicacies

Top 25 Filipino Native Delicacies  

Better known as Kakanin 

(Not in random order )
Filipino native delicacies
Filipino native delicacies are popularly called "kakanin" to Filipino locals. Kakanin is a typical rice cake variations cooked in different methods and flavors depending on the country's region. Native delicacy are usually served in Filipino table as dessert or snacks - in between meals (merienda) and is best accompanied with hot choco or  brewed coffee.

1. Puto and kutsinta - a native steamed cake / a steamed cake made out of rice flour, sugar, water. 
2. Cassava cake - grated cassava with eggs, evaporated milk, condensed milk, coconut milk, cheese, sugar and butter
3. Kalamay - glutionous rice, brown sugar
4. Tupig - made from glutinous or malagkit rice flour, coconuts, molasses, sesame seeds, wrap in banana leaves and roasted over live charcoal. 
5. Pilipit - twisted fried glutinous rice with brown sugar
6. Karioka - flattened glutinous rice with brown sugar, fried and 
7. Suman sa ibos - the most suman (glutinous rice) wrap in buli leaves. 
8. Suman sa lihiya - made from glutinous or malagkit rice, lihia or lye, salt and wrap in banana leaves. 9. Biko or Sinokmane in Batangas -  glutinous rice mix with coconut milk and brown sugar or panocha
10. Sapin-sapin - a native dessert consists of coconut milk,ube powder,gelatin,corn kernels. 
11. Palitaw - famous native delicacy made from ground glutinous rice, sugar and shredded coconut. 
12. Tinob-tibok - a mixed of biko and maja blanca
13. Binalay - made of glutinous rice, panocha. 
14. Puto Bumbong - a steamed malagkit rice mixture. 
15. Bibingkang Malagkit - a rice cake made out of glutinous rice,coconut milk, brown sugar etc. 
16. Bibingka Galapong - a rice cake made out of rice flour,coconut milk, eggs. 
17. Binagol - This is a visayan delicacy. Sweetened shredded gabi tuber with coconut and condensed milk then cooked in coconut shells and wrapped in banana leaves. 
18. Maja Blanca - a flan-like dish made from coconut milk and mashed corn.
19. Tamales - a unique no meat tamales which is famous in pampangga, cavite. 
20. Ube Kalamay - made ube, mochico(sweet rice flour),coconut milk, latik and baked.
21. Pinipig Kalamay - made of pinipig (immature rice pounded until flat), glutinous rice, coconut milk and sugar
22. Pichi-pichi - made for grated cassava and flavored with pandan, it is steamed, formed into balls then rolled in grated coconut
23. Espasol - made of glutinous rice and coconut milk
24. Tikoy - steamed glutinous rice - cooked by dipping into eggs and pan-fried.
25. Mais con Maja - a cake made of rice flour, coconut milk and grated coconut 

Watch out for the release of Filipino Native Delicacy --- the kakanin Recipes SOON!. :)

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  1. Wow! I love kakanin esp. tupig, suman, puto Calasiao, karioka (i seldom see this na), banana/ camote-q, sapin-sapin, pichi-pichi, puto bumbong and biko! :D


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