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MEZZA NORTE - List of Vendors for Jul 2012

Mezza Norte List of Vendors and Concessionaires

The Mercato Centrale Experience

Here's a quick guide for night owlers looking for what to have and what to order when spending weekend night food market at the newly opened Mezza Norte in UP-AyalaLand Technohub in Commonwealth, Quezon City.
Mezza Norte

Owners Name / Booth Name / Product

1 Eldridge Ng -  Edgy's Foodtrip: baby back ribs,garlic chicken, roastbeef
2 Michael Dominic Bulaong -  Dadi's Berd:  Dadi's Berd charcoal-grilled chicken in a special marinade recipe;no sauce needed,unlimited rice,single meal,double meal,Tea-Mang (unique iced tea mango blend) small,large
3 Valerie Chow - Gracewealth Ent.: Roasted chicken rice meal rotiiserie style coocked (1/4), (1/2 ),1 whole, roast liempo rice meal, roasted seed dressing salad, japanese lobsterball noodles
4 Luz "Luchi" Dimatulae - Lu Chi Authentic Dimsum House: shabu-shabu , dimsum
5 Grace Enriquez - Sinangag Trip - Pampangas Special: tocilog,longsilog,baconsilog
6 Maria Hazel L. Santos - Maria's Ilocos Empanada: special empanada etc.
7 Michael "Butch" D. Tecson III - Spare Ribs Delight:  spareribs
8 Victoria Obedoza/Paola Malonzo - Seven Plates: tapa negra,nanay's binagoongan, etc.
9 Charibelle D. Morados - Manila Q: bagwang etc.
10 Jaime Hao/Glenda Garcia - Happy Chef Culinary Concepts:  rice toppings etc.
11 Katrisha Reantazo - Carlo's Kitchen: baby back ribs,chicken cordon bleu
12 Faith Asuncion/Tommy Nulud - Mexikanto Co. : nachos,tacos
13 Michelle L. Basa - DadsMoms Kitchen & Catering Services: diff kinds of sisig and more
14 Ethel Herrera - The Juice Bar: fresh fruit juices and shakes including iced tea,sagot gulaman
15 Eldridge Ng- Edgys Drinks: melon juice,dalandan juice,strawberry iced tea, wintermelon tea, buko pandan juice, pineaple juice, mango juice
16 Lariza Gonzales - Lariza Native Juice:  buko pandan,sago gulaman, fresh buko, pineapple, mango juice, fresh melon
17 Edgardo Bagongon - Yana's Bukolicious: Buko shake,buko pandan,buko juice, fruit shake (mango,sweet corn, avocado)
18 Patrick Jericho G. Santos - Macheesemo Burgers: macheesemo classic, macheesemo melt, macheesemo bleu, macheesemo philly
19 Ean James R. Cuenco - Big Bobs Burgers/Ean's Grilled Burgers:  big bob's burger, big bob's special, big bob's super special, wine and cheese steak, bbq bob
20 Karlo L. Imperial - Cakes by K: chocolate cakes, cheesecakes, sansrival, giateau de crepe, piavlovia, banoffee ple, frozen brazo de mercedes
21 Maria Jessica C. Regalado - Edible Options:  cakes and sausage
22 Jose Emmanuel Potenciano - Mochiko Cafe: mochii ice cream
23 Kelvin Ngo - Merry Moo: icecream/frozen desserts: scoop, pints, milkshakes/waffles: TBA
24 Mercy Tin - Hok Luk Seus Food: Chinese fresh lumpia, machay,chinese authentic kikiam and camaron,cuapao,chinese sausage,pork belly wrap or rice, beef satay with rice,porklion with rice,baked chicken,salt and pepper spareribs
25 Edel De Guzman - Nacho El Mexicano: Takoyaki,nachos,chiz,salsa
26 Raymond Eugenio - Z's Sausage: Super Z's sausages
27 Mia Larissa Espiritu - Bumble Tea Place Milk: tea,fruit tea,tea latte,yakult surprice, rocksalt and cheese
28 Hazel Frias - Uno Burger: Burgers- classic,chesse stuffed, forget me nut, jack et up, bacon mushroom melt, tempting luther. side order: dynamite chesse and beef rolls, loaded potato skins,loaded cheese fries,buffalo wings,mojos
29 Rene M. Ruz - Piper's Pan: *Mini cakes (2 for 140) - chocolate sansrival, mango sansrival, peanut butter sansrival, moist choco, red velvet, baked cheese cake, carrot cake, banana caramel, walnut truffle ... *Slice Cake (3 for 100) - moist choco, red velvet, revel bars, brownies, bannotie, rocky road ... *Baked Leche plan
30 Ma. Clotilde P. Manahan - MLCM Food Services: Pancit Batil Patung, Super special (chicken,chicken liver, Gizzard, egg, Super Special Seafoods, Super special lomi, longganisang tuguegarao
31 Resty Dizon - Chef Resty's Roast Beef: Roast beef and rice, roast beef and ciabatta bread
32 Chrisanto De Ocampo - Amang's Grill: Bbqsilog, hotsilog, chicken isaw, pork adobo isaw
33 David John Buendia - Rockin' Wings: 6 / 8/ 12 pcs. buffalo wings
34 Santa Nina Abesamis - Elation: Vanila bean cheesecake w/ mango coulis, cooki bar, cita's creme caramee dough cheesecake, salted caramel fudge brownie, s'mores chewy bar, cita's creme caramel
35 Alicia Arcano - Juana's Kitchen: Cheesy potato, baked beef lasagna, barbeque pork ribs, beef pares, roast beef
36 NinaViray - Mocktail  Refublic by Sober Club: Apple mojito, mango margarita, tropical punch, lemon drop, boracay mocha blend, love spell,cosmopolitan, pinacolada
37 Dedy Co - Woorizip Restaurant:  Bibimbab, spicy pork, bulgogi,mandu/dumpling, japche, samgeopsal
38 Adele Cordova - Mac's Deliu Vigan Empana: empanada, okoy, longanisa, badnet with rice, all day breakfast deli product: black forest ham, bavarian cheese, smokies, kielbasa with scrambled eggs, french toast, hash brown, vodka tinapa, adobong tahong curried tulingan
39 Beng Enriquez - Chicago Pizza: Chicago deep dish pizza calzone. Pasta: baked lasagna, chicken pesto, creamy pesto, creamy carbonara, bolognese, baked macarone, tuna fetuecini
40 Maila Caneza - Mamay's ihaw2x: chix/ pork bbq, liempo, lechon kawali, dinuguan, kare-kare, bopis, bikol express, menudo, laing, chopsuey, ampalaya, sisig, shawarma rice, lechon paksiw \
41 Chuchu Solona - Manang's Chicken:  fried chicken, rice, potato chips
42 Celina Nolasco - Mio Gelati: Gelato
43 Jason - Med Chef:  Bread pudding, pastry,banana crepe, carrot cake, food for the gods, lemon sqaure, sugar cookies, walnut cookies, lemon pies,
44 Antonio Ortanez - Bellwood Capital Ventures: Roast turkey sandwich, steak sandwich
45 Beng Enriquez - Ej's Catering and Food Service: Roast Porkloin with apple sauce, Beef morcon, pastle de lengua
46 Katrina Inocencio - Flavor Avenue: Quesadillas, cheese dynamite, satay
47 Myrna Toledo - Henry's Restuarant & Catering Services: Roast beef, lechon, bibingka
48 Mrs Susan Fajardo-Kwon - Kwon's Kitchen:Bibinpap, kwon's special, kimbop
49 Robert Joven Jr. - Ping Gu: Oyster Mushroom fries with dip : Choices of dips: gravy, garlic and cream, cheese sauce, honey mustard, sweet & sour, spicy vinegar
50 Nina Jane Rivera - Nina's Grill: Crablet, inihaw na tuna, inihaw na tilapya, relienong bangus, Hilabos na hipon
51 Michael Leachon -  Chow Rice: yangchow friedrice - sweet and sour pork, yang chow fried rice - siomai
52 Christopher Padilla - Bread Depot Bakery: Kimchi fried rice burrito, el fili cheesesteak sandwich, beef caldereta bahn-mi, pandan chicken wrap with hummus, pork binagoongan burrito
53 Charmaine Chan - Metro Cuisines: chicken satay, jamaican jerk chicken,pork, pork kebab
Mezza Norte
floor plan
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