How To Save Money on Your Next Dinner Party

How To Save Money on Your Next Dinner Party

I love entertaining guests – it is so much fun to have people over, chat, and share a good meal.  However, one of the biggest things holding me back from having a dinner party every week is that it can be down right expensive to host a party.  Depending on what you want to serve and how many guests will be coming over, you can easily spend $100-200 or more on a single party.  And that’s just for the food!  Here are some ways that you can save on your next dinner party.

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Buy in Bulk

One of the easiest things you can do before your next party is stock up in bulk.  I usually make one or two shopping trips to Costco and buy a ton of stuff in bulk – including beer and alcohol.  I find it to be so much cheaper when you buy in bulk compared to buying items individually.    Also, if you look online for deals for paper items, you may even be able to find savings using net voucher codes or other promos.  

It’s Okay to be Cheap

Another way to save money when hosting a dinner party is realizing that it is okay to be a little cheap.  You don’t need to buy expensive rib eye steaks for a party of 8.  Instead, you should look for cheap solutions, like making a pot roast or other hearty dish that doesn’t need an expensive cut of meat.  Or during the summer, you can even throw a BBQ – hamburgers aren’t that expensive!  

Look Online

Finally, you should always look online when doing your shopping.  You’d be surprised at the discounts and savings you can find at some online retailers for food.  You can even use food voucher codes online at net voucher codes and save even more money on your next shopping trip.  

The big take away is to just make sure that you are planning and shopping around before your next dinner party so that you can save money appropriately.

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  1. You are very true on this family always go to costco even there's no party.


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