Ilocos Sur: Dulcelise Dessert Bar

Dulcelise Dessert Bar 

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur 

October 2012. Now that the holiday seasons are just around the corners, we Filipinos show warmth through gift-giving from a simple token to  a lavish foodie treats, I stumble upon Dulcelise Dessert Bar right next to our doorstep (within our village). Foodamn Philippines being a natural sweet tooth spent an afternoon cake tasting with Dulcelise owner, Patch Singson.

Dulcelise Dessert Bar
Reese's Cheesecake
PhP980 / whole (Approx. $24)
What catches my breath when I saw Dulcelise Dessert Bar's visual marketing, the Reese's Cheesecake!  The same tempting chocolate-peanut sweets that I have been using as codename for a social media accounts. And the very same reason I have plenty stocks of Reese's peanut butter cups and Reese's miniatures on our pantry.

Where did all started?
Dulcelise Dessert Bar started two years ago in Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, Dulcelise  was named after the family's daughter Elise, plus "dulce" Spanish term for sweet.
Patch Savellano-Singson, wife of Vigan Vice Mayor Ryan Singson, harness her love for pastry from Chef Heny Sison and since then Dulcelise created a niche of its own. Dulcelise Dessert Bar offers a delectable cakes and pastries, pre-order and custom-made cupcakes, all occasion cakes, ginger breads and sandwiches. The cafe in Vigan was already a word of mouth among local travelers and loyal patrons as shared by Patch.

Cheesecakes, anyone?
Dulcelise served Foodamn Philippines the cafe's two bestsellers: the Reese's Cheesecake and the Lemon Torte.
a slice of Reese's Cheesecake
If the Reese's Cheesecake could be the best selling dessert for Ruggles Grill (in Houston - by the way they are close for business and is coming up with a new identity), wait until we explore the possibilities of Dulcelise. Filipinos dining habits and merrymaking topped with its rich culture, we imminently built a character how to have the finest taste buds globally. The Reese's cheesecake is an original recipe, Reese's cheesecake combines chocolate, peanut butter and cheesecake, a perfect combination of something sweet and salty.
Dulcelise Dessert Bar
Lemon Torte
PhP950 / whole (Approx. $23)
Another fine experience with the Dulcelise Lemon Torte, made of meringue base with walnut crust, whipped creams all over and zesty lemon fillings. A combination of sweetness and tangy. Patch says, kids sometimes don't like the sour taste in their dessert. But in general, there were a few kids I know who loves eating sour-based dishes and  Willy Wonka-like candies

More cakes and pastries galore:
Concorde - PhP900
Blueberry Cheesecake  - PhP900
Strawberry Cheesecake  - PhP900
Gateau Sansrival  - PhP900
Triple Chocolate Cheesecake  - PhP800
Banoffee Cheesecake  - PhP980
Caramel Cheesecake  - PhP900
Apple Pie  - PhP700
Banoffee Pie  - PhP700
Rhum Cake  - PhP800
Giant Cupcake (Red Velvet or Carrot Cake)  - PhP900

Dulcelise Dessert Bar is now expanding its availability here in Manila by order and deliveries as of the moment. Dulcelise has plans of putting up a branch either in Quezon City area or Ortigas area. These cakes are great for personalized gifts or corporate giveaways. 

Dulcelise cakes and pastries are for pick-up only.
Pre-order: 2 to 3 days.
But for orders from PhP5,000 (approx. $122) and above - Dulcelise will have it delivered FREE.

Dulcelise Dessert Bar
New Capitol Estates I
Quezon City, Philippines
[t] 952-4121

How to get there?
via public commute - from Quezon Avenue, EDSA ride Fairview route FX or PUJ and stop after Ever Gotesco Mall Commonwealth.

via private vehicle - from Quezon Avenue, EDSA going straight to Diliman all the way to Commonwealth Avenue. NCE I is located in between St. Peter Church and Ever Gotesco Mall Commonwealth.

For more pictures from Dulcelise cakes, click here (Foodamn Facebook Fan Page)

UPDATES (October 10, 2012)

For those interested to visit Dulcelise in Vigan, here is the address:
Vigan Plaza Hotel
Former Sitio Bar, Mena Crisologo Street, 2700 Vigan, Ilocos Sur



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  1. Even with my sore throat right now, I cannot help but drool over those sweets. Vigan is still on our to go list. We have heard a great deal about the good things we can find in Vigan. Thanks for sharing this. :)

    1. Foodamn PH will wait for your Vigan trip, don't forget to buzz us! :)

  2. Reese Cheesecake, that I would love and I'm wondering if the'll come up with a cake version of another peanut butter chocolate I also love, butterfingers. Imagine, eating cake and you get to taste the crunchy feel of butterfinger in a cake.

    1. Oh butterfinger! yes that's another hit, thanks Franc. :) Chocolate is packed with energy booster, bring a small bar when you run and don't forget to suck up lots of water to replenish all the lost energy.

  3. Decadent cakes! I also like the classic presentation. cake bars are really high on my list to visit. Will check this out with my dessert-goer friends.

  4. Hi. Please clarify. Is this made of Reese's buttercups or the one who made this is Reese?

  5. Waahhh... cake cake cake... I feel hungry now ::(

    1. Gab, I once told you to eat healthy and reliable source of food :)
      (Do I sound like your mother?) hahaha!

      The story of my friend who dies at early age of 30 was very alarming, this is because of her fondness to street food. She had dialysis for almost 2 years until her body gave up. Stop eating dirty foods (although I must admit it is very addicting!) Control is the key, the mass produced "goto" (was it?) you told me, it's made from unreliable source that's why it's cheap and readily available.

  6. I was in Vigan recently with my family but we did not see this shop, too bad. Just looked for empanadas while we were there. That lemon torte looks delicious!

    1. Hi Fred, I saw Gelli De Belen's cooking show from a local channel - they went to Vigan and featured Dulcelise. I'll update my post for the complete address of their Vigan cafe.

  7. Is there a chocolate flavored cheese cake? I like to have one of those please. Do they make customized cakes or is your choice limited by their menu?

    How do I order from them? Do they only serve in their shop or do they join bazaars too?

    1. Hi Chocoholics, yes they have - Triple Chocolate Cheesecake for PhP800.
      Yes they make customized cake for special occasions and even small and giant cupcakes. For orders, you can inquire from the contact number mentioned above.

  8. This post made me hungry! Thanks for sharing! :)

  9. Is this cafe' still around? I've been to Vigan Plaza Hotel's Restaurant called Bigaa, once in 2017 and another time in 2019 but never saw this cafe' and cake shop. Where is it located exactly in the hotel ?

  10. Is this cafe' still around? I've been to Vigan Plaza Hotel's Restaurant called Bigaa, once in 2017 and another time in 2019 but never saw this cafe' and cake shop. Where is it located exactly in the hotel ?


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