Shakey's Philippines Accepts Paypal

Shakey's Pizza Philippines
How to order online and payment thru Paypal

Two months ago (September 2012) Foodamn was ransacking (Food To Go) to search for online deliveries and which among food establishments accepts Paypal payment. FP patiently registers one by one to find out how online deliveries are processed and what method of payment is being honored.

Luckily, I found out Shakey's Philippines' website ( and Binalot multiply site ( offers both inquiries we made.  (Multiply as of May 31, 2013 officially marked the closing of its operation). 

How to order online and pay via Paypal for Shakey's Pizza Philippines?

This was Foodamn Philippines' third time ordering online and sending payment through Paypal. Here's a step-by-step approach on how to enjoy your online delivery experience. 
Shakey's Philippines Accepts Paypal
Shakey's Pizza Philippines
Register your personal contact details, so you won't get fed up with redundancy when filling up  delivery address, name, mobile number, etc. It is very important to keep all your email transactions in one folder to keep all the vital information handy when needed.  Click the "Order Now" button to view the full menu.
Shakey's Philippines Accepts Paypal
Posting your orders and filling up your cart is easy, be mindful of the quantity. In any case, posted orders can be deleted from the cart and replaced with other orders.
Shakey's Pizza Philippines have three ways to pay for the food purchase:
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Online (either credit card or paypal)
By the way, you can also post an order for your relative (in which case, you have to pay for everything online) and choose to click the "Padala" (Send) button. By doing this, you will allow Shakey's Pizza Philippines to deliver your orders to your desired recipient. Now that's cool! 

Shakey's Philippines Accepts Paypal
When paying via Paypal, click the paypal ticker and button to redirect you to Shakey's paypal dashboard. Review your orders and total amount. Enter your Paypal email address and password. click Log In.

Shakey's Philippines Accepts Paypal
Shakey's Pizza Philippines will collect your Paypal data automatically, once again taking time to review your food purchases, delivery address and other contact details.
Once done, a transaction record will appear and will also be sent through your email. Wait within 5 minutes, a Shakey's staff assigned by the company's call center group (from your nearest Shakey's branch) will call you via mobile phone (based from the cellphone number you register) to confirm your orders and delivery address/status and if payment has been made. I was advised that my delivery will take 45 minutes. So I set my timer in just to make sure it'll get on time.

After 40 minutes the delivery arrived, I received a call at 6:17pm and Shakey's Pizza Philippines delivery boy arrived at 6:57pm.
Dinner with Paypal =)
The Paypal-Shakey's Pizza Philippines dinner includes: (and a rundown of total fees covered by Paypal).

  1. 1 Buffalo Wings Family (12 Pieces) - PhP 386 (approx. US$9.41)
  2. 1 Caesar Salad Family - PhP 262 (approx. US$6.40)
  3. 2 Salad, Chicken n Pizza Combo - PhP 316 (approx. US$7.70)

Food Bill = PhP 964 (approx. US$23.51)
Paypal and Online fees= 41.03 ($1)
TOTAL BILL PAID = PhP1,005.03 (US$24.51)

We'll have to wait for other local food establishments to join the Paypal bandwagon. Let's us know more about your food delivery hang-outs, share them in. 

Happy eating!

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  1. Replies
    1. Availability and payment for food deliveries online is getting easier, if I will make this a habit every week, my paypal funds will reached zero :D

  2. Did you deliver in Gensan?

    1. As long as you knew there's a nearest outlet in your area (even so, they have a pre-assigned outlet for those without Shakey's branch) and you have lots of Paypal funds to burn! Order na! :)

  3. May I ask if hinanapan ka pa ba ng delivery man ng valid ids or debit/credit card just for validation?

    1. The above purchase I made was thru Paypal system, all transaction details are registered at the their Official Receipt. As far as credit card purchase are concerned, once you enter your valid information you're good to go. I made an online transaction (Non-Food) using C/C, it didn't required any valid IDs.

  4. I ordered at Shakeys today (Oct. 22, 2013) And this is what I received when you pay via credit card:

    "For CREDIT CARD ORDERS ONLY, Please send an electronic copy of the front of your credit card (Show only first 6 and last 4 digits of your credit card.) and a government issued ID to within 48 Hours of placing your order. If the
    cardholder is not the same person as the one ordering, please include a signed authorization letter."

    Which means Shakey's needed a supporting docs when using CC.


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