Stackers Burger Cafe in Eastwood City


From A Dismayed Customer
Stackers Burger Cafe
in Eastwood City Mall


It takes a good, quality customer service for an establishment to last. Really meant to last long.
Filipinos known for warm, courtesy and friendliness. I don't know how to describe Stackers Burger Cafe staff - which do they prioritize, dine-ins or take-outs? If I were the owner of this joint, both brings the moolah IN, doesn't matter where do these customers eat their stuff, as long as they purchase because they enjoy great food. How about if staff lacks the proper customer service?
Stackers Burger Cafe in Eastwood City 

Foodamn Philippines were about to hit the movie-tron and decided to have Stackers burgers and besides we had a kid around which I believe they offer a kiddie packed meal for the little ones. We sticked in on that two-seater table for the kid to be seated (we were 4 heads, 3 adults and a kid), And  told my companions to stay outside the dining area besides they were smoking.  So the order took place and later my companions joined me and we transferred to a bigger table to accommodate only the three of us, then this staff approaches us to transfer to the previous seats, are you blind? I was keeping my temper while saying this guy must either be  far-sighted or near-sighted. We could not fit in while reviewing the menu. Ask them why, because the area (daw) are for dine-in. Wow! How do you treat us then, are we not diners? I replied to him with "We'll just stay and wait outside even if the area was blindsided-ly SMOKING areas, he hinted another winning remarks, he actually offered a corner table. Upon seeing it, never mind my kid might get mosquito bites! LOL Please don't expect any tip from us, as I walked away (mataray na king mataray!).
Stackers Burger Cafe
supposed waiting area?
Take it from the success of Jollibee for example, no matter how busy, FULL and  crowded their floors, be it dine-ins or take home's. You're free to SEAT as you please. Where staff are trained to be courteous and mindful of their customers. In the case of Stackers Burger Cafe it was a weekend and dinner time but the venue wasn't even "ma-tao". I suggest allow some comfortable chairs or benches for your waiting are, don't just shooed away your customer  and displaced them whenever you want, your customers are paying for the food and the service from YOU!

Foodamn Philippines usually conclude's "first-impression last" mentality, honestly saying we've lost the appetite, we let the kid eat her thing and brought home the rest (stacked stocked in the fridge...).

Here are some images taken (the way it was ordered)
Kiddie Meal
with Character faced burger, chicken nuggets and fries
2 House Burger PhP330  
 Stack Cheese Burger PhP128 and Philli Cheese Burger PhP155
Anyone of you who have tried Stackers Burger Cafe's servings? Shoot us a comment. :) For Foodamn Philippines: "Waiter service from SBC are somewhat useless, Filipino-brand fastfood service beats them  on this factor."

Stacker Burger Cafe
Eastwood City Walk
G/F Orchard Road
Eastwood City, Libis
Quezon City
Manila, Philippines
[t] 709-2134

More photos from a dismayed Stackers Burger Cafe customer
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