The White Hat: Italian Yogurt - Healthy Treats


The White Hat Italian Yogurt
Offers Healthy Treats This December 2012

Filipino misses the cold Christmas weather, come visit The White Hat Italian Yogurt (it helps during the humid day!) =) this holiday season as they offer healthy treats from December 1 to 15. Here in Manila the average temperature everyday drops to as high as 34 degree Celsius! Felt like summer in December, right? 
The White Hat Italian Yogurt

Foodamn Philippines didn't expect The White Hat branch along the food strips in Don Antonio Street in Quezon City. Apparently they open just last October of this year. Froyo lovers usually trek the shopping centers and malls to get their favorite cold yogurt treats. The froyo cafe is located in front of Kaya Hair Studio. If you're coming from Commonwealth Avenue, THW is at the right side.

We are an avid froyo grabbers, I had the same thing whenever I visit The White Hat Italian Yogurt, its the medium-size cup (6-oz) with blueberries and kiwis - SOUR galore! =)  Cost about PhP125 (6-oz cup) with 2 toppings PhP 35. And presented my loyalty card. Next stop the staff suggest they will have a promo starting tomorrow (December 1) and handed me the discount coupons. Oh great! For those of you who want to get discounted coupons, just drop by The White Hat Don Antonio Branch. You can save as much as Php60 for the combined orders.

Bundled menu on the coupons:

  • The Health Nut Hat (Regular) with Peanut Butter Banana Smoothie (160z) = PhP220 only (Save PhP55)
  • The Choco Loco Hat  (Regular) with Chocolate Cream Milk (160z) = PhP200 only (Save PhP50)
  • The Pinoy Hat  (Regular) with Caramel Cream Drink (160z) = PhP200 only (Save PhP50)
  • Cioccolato Duo = PhP170 only (Save PhP40)
  • Smoothis Duo (16oz) Strawberry Cheesecake Signature Smoothie and Mango Fruity Smoothie = PhP230 (Save PhP55)
  • Creamy Frappe Duo (16oz) Red Velvet and Coffee Frappe = PhP235 (Save PhP55)
  • The Peach-Berry Picnic with Brewed Coffee (8oz) = PhP240 (Save PhP50)
  • The Hazelnut Parade with Cappuccino (8oz) = PhP260 (Save PhP60)

Every  time you avail the coupons, present your existing loyalty cards (or you can ask the staff to give you one) to collect the stickers.

Promo available in the The White Hat Don Antonio ONLY. Not valid with any other offer/discounts.
Promo period: December 1 - 15, 2012

The White Hat Italian Frozen Yogurt

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