Goldkenn: JACK DANIEL'S Chocolate - A Drink Buddy

Swiss Liqueur Chocolate

Jack Daniel's Old No. 7 Brand

Tennessee Whiskey Filled Chocolate Bar by Goldkenn - 100g (3.5 Oz)

Jack Daniel's chocolate was made and distributed by Goldkenn, a Swiss chocolate manufacturer. Together with other famous brands of liquor-based beverages, the company  has successfully integrated choco-liquor merger.

Jack Daniel's chocolate by Goldkenn
Jack Daniel's chocolate by Goldkenn

Foodamn Philippines came to know more about Goldkenn Jack Daniel's when I was given a pack full of chocolate varieties from a Kuala Lumpur trip by a close relative. My eyes gazed when I saw the Jack Daniels label on it, the distinctive JD label calls for much needed attention. 

The Goldkenn Jack Daniel's liquor chocolate was encased in a box with a label (white script on black background)  just the same as the JD bottle. From the outside JD logo highlights the brand rather than focusing on Goldkenn embossed print (black on black) on the upper portion of the box. The company played up with Jack Daniel's signature logo, taste and overall branding. Folks back home are certified hard drinkers =)  Foodamn was so happy to share these cute delights to the men who frequented Jack Daniel's bottle.
Jack Daniel's chocolate by Goldkenn
Jack Daniel's by Goldkenn
20 Malaysian Ringgit (almost PhP270 or USD6.60 without tax and airfare)
Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, Jack Daniel's whiskey (8.5%), whole milk powder, skimmed milk powder, butter fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural extract of vanilla.
Jack Daniel's chocolate by Goldkenn

The liquor chocolate needs some lovin' when you open  --- it was sealed in a manner like both ends are securely locked, the gold foil needs to be torn apart.  Although I have this habit of keeping the chocolates inside the fridge (chilled in a low temp), opening a chocolate is not as delicate compared to non-fridge ones. I tend to thaw a little bit before consuming them (that's just me).  The  Jack Daniel's chocolate bar is molded into 2 x 5  domes where the liquor syrup is secretly hidden. :)

Since I previously kept it inside the ref, the liquid syrup transformed into crystallized alcohol. I am not a true-blue whiskey lover, but the minute I smelled the scent  of an alcohol, I knew it was a little strong for me. I had to try it, the Swiss milk chocolate and whiskey collaboration was rectifying, good job done by both partners. Who needs a boring milk chocolate? The combination of Goldkenn Swiss Milk chocolate and Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey does not overpower one another.  Great for after meal rewards or a drink buddy. 

You can have the best of both worlds. Chocolate lovers will definitely appreciate the perfect match between the distinctive flavor of this renowned Tennessee Sippin' Whiskey and the pure, sweet taste of the premium Swiss Milk Chocolate.

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