O My Yogurt Frozen Yogurt at Sky Garden


O My Yogurt 

American Premium Frozen Yogurt

at Sky Garden Sm City North EDSA

Self Service

Foodamn Philippines had tried O My Yogurt Frozen Yogurt the very first time at the Manila Ocean Park late last year. Although we've been busy with some important things that we regret taking some decent photos from the yogurt shop.
PhP150 for 7.48 oz cup (almost $4) from O My Yogurt Frozen Yogurt

Also, we've been passing by Sky Garden's O My Yogurt branch every now and then. Here's a short look inside the shop's interior and food guide when ordering a Do-It-Yourself froyo cup. 
  1. First stop, choose a cup of your preferences: small/medium/large sizes 
  2. Mix and experiment with the frozen yogurt. Choices of froyo are: 
  • Vanilla
  • Chocolate
  • Plain Tart
  •  Passion Fruit and two other yogurt machine (not available when we were there)
3. Choose from 32 toppings available.
  • From M&M's, mallows, cereals, coated nuts, peanuts, wafers, oreos, chocolate wafer stick, gummi bears and graham.
  • Fresh sliced fruits like kiwi, cherry, buko, mango, peach, strawberry
  • Syrup-based toppings from Hershey's choco and strawberry syrup, blueberry, etc.
weighing scale
No ground rules to follow. As long as you can finish your froyo mixture in one seating! =)  Besides froyo is health beneficial --- its non-fat, low-fat and guilt free. The catch, O My Yogurt charges by the weight in ounce (oz.), PhP 20 per ounce (approx. 50 cents) only! 

How to estimate:
We created, a medium-sized cup chocolate froyo which includes the following toppings:
M&M's, mallows, gummi bears, kiwi fruits and a cherry piece. We were billed PhP150 for 7.48 oz cup. 
O My Yogurt Frozen Yogurt at Sky Garden
Foodamn Philippines is loving the self-service from O My Yogurt! I say, you are in control of your froyo =) Bring that fat wallet and start weighing down your choices. OMY is guilt-free for your body and gets really tricky on the pocket! LOL

O My Yogurt photos by Foodamn can be viewed in Facebook Page.

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O My Yogurt Yogurt Frozen
RSM 216-217  Sky Garden SM City North EDSA
Bagong Pagasa, Quezon City

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