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It was Foodamn Philippines' first time to try out’s delivery (also known as Quick Delivery) last weekend when we chose to have Mongolian cuisine from Mongolian Quick Stop. Into the online order process, the delivery website suggests the nearest in-zone location (View Menus - - - Manila or Cebu). The delivery menu page will appear with the display of restaurants/ establishments in alphabetical order with its respective information pertaining to location and type of cuisine.

When ordering online, I suggest writing down in a piece of paper your food choices and pre-calculating everything. By the way, even delivers to off-zone areas (not within the delivery reach). In case a customer wants to have food delivered from an off-zone area, an additional PhP 100 (approx. $2.5) or more will be charged depending on the distance from the pick-up point.
TwoAnyOne Delivery: Mongolian Quick Stop
TwoAnyOne Delivery: Mongolian Quick Stop Mongolian Quick Stop
At 10:00 a.m, Foodamn Philippines started to review the menu of Mongolian Quick Stop and afterwards placed an order online. The twoanyone delivery staff were friendly and courteous enough to accommodate my concerns about the food and which they recommend best. All details were laid and confirmed. I was told that my order would take 60 minutes and that the 90 minutes waiting time would be the longest period. Not bad at all if you consider the off-zone areas, right?

When creating an account login with, you must familiarize yourself with the services, methods on how to order and make sure to check out the restaurant and menus. Think of how you’ll place that order (online, landline or mobile services) and get your contact details ready for that callback you’ll receive for a report on your order status.

What did Foodamn Philippines had at Mongolian Quick Stop?
When ordering online from new restaurants, aside from relying on food reviews made by previous customers,  you can  also make an impression by trying it out on your own on the basis of your judgments. People don't just believe hearsay, you have to try the actual thing to know yourself. With Mongolian Quick Stop, I hadn’t tried anything from them yet, so it was best to catch the variations --- in short, we ordered a ittle of everything.

Mongolian Big Bowl
PhP 185 (approx. $4.45)
TwoAnyOne Delivery: Mongolian Quick Stop
Tuna Teriyaki
PhP 130 (approx. $3)
TwoAnyOne Delivery: Mongolian Quick Stop
Vegetarian Bowl
PhP 95 (approx. $2.30)
We started with Mongolian Big Bowl and chose the mixed and spicy version. The dish looks appealing and inviting. It really fascinates us when dishes are more on the spicy side. No need to add condiments as it was blended well with the veggies, seafood, beef and chicken bits. Alongside was the Vegetarian Bowl made up of tofu and bean sprouts, this bowl compliments the Tuna Teriyaki dish, which was really good! We even tried it with the kids and they munched it without if's and but's :)
TwoAnyOne Delivery: Mongolian Quick Stop
Chicken Teppanyaki
PhP 95 (approx. $2.30)
TwoAnyOne Delivery: Mongolian Quick Stop
Beef Teppanyaki
PhP 115 (approx. $2.80)
 Between Beef Teppanyaki and Chicken Teppanyaki, we enjoyed the beef bowl the most! It has a more vibrant taste although (and I say this again) kids prefer chicken to beef. That made an equal food analogy. We also had Chicken Barbeque (ordered per piece).
Spicy Fish Pasta
PhP 85 (approx. $2)
TwoAnyOne Delivery: Mongolian Quick Stop
MQS  Stir Fried Noodle
PhP 60 (approx. $1.40)
A Mongolian dish wouldn't be complete without the noodles. I chose the Spicy Fish Pasta over the MQS Stir Fried Noodles. The spicy pasta is kind of unique-tasting, but we love our dish with a little dash of spice and healthy elements of fish.
Mongolian Sandwich
PhP 75 (approx. $1.80)
For the non-rice variants, we tried the Mongolian Quick Stop sandwiches, which are actually burgers. The Mongolian Sandwich comes with your choice of beef, chicken or pork.

Foodamn Philippines tried the beef and chicken randomly. Its sesame buns were very much okay, it has lettuce, cucumber and yeah basically makes up for a Mongolian- tasting bun.

Overall, Mongolian Quick Stop serves alternative authentic Mongolian dishes with its affordable cost and availability to anyone through the tie-up made with When the twoanyone delivery guy arrived from an off-zone location in Ortigas (call me a time-tester!) all the way to Diliman, Quezon City. He didn't beat my time! He arrived on precise arrangement considering the distance he traveled, he was smiling all along and handed us the food, and it was still hot and freshly cooked. “Amazing!” I said, “You're like The Flash character zooming in to get here on time!”. So the minute you get your order, why not give these guys a break, it wouldn't hurt to give your delivery guy a tip for the effort they exerted. Good job Mr. Flash! Although Foodamn Philippines is a sucker for consistency, we'll keep you updated once we make a follow up order, you guys approve or not? =)
twoanyone delivery
twoanyone delivery
So as I was saying, the food order looks freshly cooked and was very warm. The twoanyone delivery system had established a good coordination scheme with Mongolian Quick Stop. Considering MQS had it delivered via a second party entity, the efforts are greatly appreciated. If this can be done, why do some food delivery from a few meters away, deliver food (sandwiches for example) in a cold state? I mean we don't want to be served with lapsed fries and hardened burgers right? The ordering system of where they coordinate and pre-arrange the food delivery from various food establishments in Metro Manila and Metro Cebu is commendable in terms of great service and accessibility. Aside from the usual by-phone orders, they also adopt a system of ordering online and getting hooked via mobile services. A customer can also place an order via SMS (text) and receive a call back. There are no excuses in today’s technology. You can't even say "I can't order, I don't have a landline". No more lame excuses to satisfy an appetite.

twoanyone delivery
[t] 212-1212
[m] 0918-2121212 (will redirect to

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