Japanese: Instant Miso Soup

How to prepare instant miso soup

Japanese Food

Foodamn Philippines recently received pasalubong (treats) from Japan,  a pack of instant miso soup individually wrapped for convenience and fast serving.

A hot serving of miso soup from Filipino-based fancy restaurants usually varied in cost in terms of Japanese authenticity.

The instant miso soup is great to compliment grilled or pan-fried meat and fish; and preferably its Japanese food counterpart - the sushi or sashimi.

How to prepare instant miso soup
For single serving:
Eaten in pairs, open sauce sachet and dehydrated vegetable sachet on a soup cup.
Add boiling hot water and stir mixture.
Serve hot.
It tasted like a real miso soup, honestly equally better from some Japanese-inspired restaurant out there.

These were the first time we have tried an instant miso soup, and I haven't realistically checked local Japanese convenient store to compare price and taste.
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