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You can never have too much boring soda, right? Foodamn Philippines came across a candy colored drink and float mixes from Fizzure Float in Quezon City. Strategically located in the North of Q.C. Metro Manila. Foodamn calls it a beverages galore  for the young and active.
Fizzure Float

Fizzure Float is actually a cafe type offering "multi-flavored gourmet syrup in iced sparkling water, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream," and a selection of pasta and sandwiches. The place suggests a  "snack haven where people can just eat, drink, and talk."I haven't been in the place yet but was able to try out their fixtures through my food to go mantra. :) Foodamn PHL chills and relaxes most often from my own abode, through the help of portal (Quick Delivery) wide-array of restaurants and specialty shops. We were able to explore the Fizzure Float's new offerings and amazes us how affordable the meals and drink mixes. I also found out that Fizzure Float was an original concept from  a young entrepreneur.

Terms to remember when ordering fizzure floats
  • Fizz - without ice cream
  • Float - are fizz with ice cream
  • Fizzure Mixes - all mixes are with ice cream
Kiwi Fizz PhP 68.75 and  Strawberry Float PhP 78.75
Although when the beverages reached our destination, some drinks were slightly emptied from the delivery box. Fizzure Float should invest on using plastic glass holders intended for take-out purposes. This will retain the drink mixes' liquid content and product presentation.

Foodamn Philippines Top 5 choices from Fizzure Float :)
  • Kiwi Fizz
  • Pomegranate Fizz
  • Strawberry Float
  • Tropical Treat
  • Monsoon Wave
Monsoon Wave PhP 84, Kiwi Fizz PhP 68.75  and Tropical Treat PhP 84
This drink mixes matches well with the cafe's munchies or better known as Munchies Sampler. One order of sampler, you'll get a little of everything. It includes: onion rings, potato wedges, shrimp crackers and french fries.
Munchies Sampler PhP105
Tortilla Chips with salsa is also munchies I recommend. These guys are perfect partner to your fizzes and floats.
Tortilla Chips PhP73.50
Clubhouse Solo PhP57.75
For light to moderate diners, the Clubhouse Solo was good enough to fill your tummy. While the Classic Spaghetti was big enough for two servings, tasted like gourmet spaghetti and kids will enjoy the dish topped with munchies and float maybe. :) The Bacon and Mushroom Pasta are made up of ziti pasta and white sauce with bacon tidbits and mushroom slices topped with Parmesan cheese. B and M pasta is also good for two provided you have side orders.  Total bill for this food delivery PhP 1,097.25 (approx. US$ 28).
Classic Spaghetti PhP115.50
Bacon and Mushroom Pasta PhP131.25
Pointers to remember when posting orders via delivery
Foodamn Philippines' quick guide from made our orders well planned and quiet satisfying. I have included a screen caption from the menu ordering system of The order and delivery progress can be viewed on real time. For first timer, registering online is easy and no fuss. All you need to enter are your valid name, complete and full address, and contact numbers. I suggest you take note the nearest landmark of your location. Aside from that, staffs are dependable and tries to communicate with the customer at the right time and even updates the status of each delivery.

Accepted payments from major credit cards, Smart Money, G-Cash, Citi Mobile

Delivery Areas:
Caloocan, Las Piñas, Marikina, Makati, Manila, Mandaluyong, Muntinlupa/Alabang Pateros, Parañaque, Pasig, Pasay, Quezon City, Taguig.

Cebu: Cebu North, Cebu South and Madaue delivery
Also pay attention if the food establishment of your choice is within the delivery zone, otherwise off-zone delivery usually charges an additional PhP 100 or more (distance from the pickup point may vary and charged with minimal fees).

Foodamn Philippines has been a loyal customer of Based from the past transactions we made, we are quiet satisfied and thrilled with every food deliveries that we tried. We prefer to try out what's new in the market since have a comprehensive list of restaurants. Why not try it yourself, ordering online are convenient, time saving and cost-effective. 

View more photos of Fizzure Float from Foodamn Philippines Facebook Page
Photobucket media Foodamn Philippines

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Fizzure Float
"Whatever FLOATS your boat"
Unit 2-C Mocasquare Bldg.
31 Regalado Ave., Fairview Quezon City
[twitter] @FizzureFloat

Quick Delivery

[t] 212-1212
[m] 0918-2121212

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