Foodamn Philippines: Bounty Fresh Chicken

Foodamn Philippines: Bounty Fresh Chicken

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When you do your groceries from the wet section (meat area), notice the big change in selling chickens? Portions are sold by the grams and there's limited number of whole chicken available. There's no shortage in chicken most probably it's marketing strategy. To be honest, we've have been patronizing Bounty Fresh chicken long time ago before I started this segment of food blogging.

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You could try for yourself comparing chicken brands, some are sold too frozen, some heavily absorbed ice cubes and some have exterior discoloration. Only to notice these chickens when cooked have dark meats and suggests the chickens are no longer fresh. Consumers be meticulous in buying raw foods and in food preparation for your family.

Don't be fooled by enticing TV ads and posters. Most of the time my family order native chickens and eggs from our relatives in Nueva Ecija farms. We are 100% sure these chickens are not fed by synthetic feeds and are highly organic. In urban areas where organic chicken are not easily available, you can try Bounty Fresh, chickens are fresh, juicy and has this distinct sweetness. When in doubt, you can check the brands company profile and food reviews made by competent food critic. Also ask your "kumare" (friends) for feedback on chicken talk. :) Foodamn Philippines is sharing an important article about Bounty Fresh chicken to help you decide which particular brand suits your family's diet and health concern.

For many years, Bounty Fresh Food, Inc. (BFFI) dedicated itself to providing Filipino families with fresh, all natural chicken products that will be truly loved regardless of reason or occasion. With a bevy of prestigious national and international awards in the poultry and livestock industry for product excellence coupled with exceptional consumer service, BFFI is truly the “chicken expert.” From its early years, Bounty Fresh developed and introduced its own innovative and globally acceptable standards in raising poultry from farm to plate. It is the only poultry integrator to continuously innovate and invest in new systems and poultry technology. Before a Bounty Fresh Chicken product arrives in the kitchen, trust that it went through a stringent processing that guarantees only the freshest chicken available, giving customers real value for their money.

In 2009, BFFI was the first Philippine company to win the Best Poultry and Livestock Company Award at the 2009 Asian Livestock Industry Awards held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Topping categories like Technological Excellence, Food Safety, Marketing Excellence and Industry Leadership, Bounty Fresh truly deserves its tag as being “Asia’s Best.” It all starts with the feeds that Bounty Fresh ensures to be clean and safe. The Chicken Expert carefully selects the raw materials it uses, giving the chicken the right nutrition they need to grow. With its national network of feed mills, feeds are always delivered fresh to the farms, safe for chicken consumption. On the other hand, the breeders or the chicken that produce day old chicks are kept in breeder farms under a controlled environment to keep them  cool and comfortable. The modern breeder house has automated feeding and egg collection systems that ensure timely collection and a clean and safe environment for the eggs. These eggs are then brought to the hatchery for incubation and hatching. Bounty Fresh is also the first company to introduce the single stage hatchery incubation systems. This system ensures that eggs of a similar stage of development are grouped and incubated together. Careful precision is required in giving each egg the right temperature it needs to develop. After 21 days of incubation, eggs develop and hatch into chicks. After that, chicks are brought to tunnel-ventilated broiler farms where they are grown. There, the chicks feel more relaxed since they have more space to roam around and prevent them from being sluggish. The environment is also controlled – not too cold and not too hot – to make the chicks grow at a healthy rate, and at the same time prevent sickness. Also, as an added precaution, farm personnel who provide feeds and water need to take showers before entering the houses to make sure that the growing environment of the chicks is always kept clean and biosecure.

Finally, when the chicks are fully grown and become healthy chicken with the right size and weight, they are then brought to Bounty Fresh’s Triple-A Processing Plant that is certified by the National Meat Inspection Commission for processing. Before leaving the plant, the chicken undergo a thorough inspection process under the plant’s bio-security measures to make sure that these chicken are disease-free and also free from foreign materials. Chicken products are then vacuum-sealed to keep the natural flavors and juices in, keep bacteria out and prolong the product’s refrigerated shelf life.

All of these procedures are implemented to help produce Asia’s Best Chicken, by no other than Bounty Fresh – the Chicken Expert. “Bounty Fresh is all about customer satisfaction. We only give our valued customers high-quality and safe poultry products that are produced in a clean and safe environment with very strict poultry management practices,” Carl Chung (AVP for Operations Development Department), said. “As your Chicken Expert, we commit ourselves in giving the Filipinos Asia’s Best Chicken.”

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