Jolly Cow School Tour: Importance of Drinking Fresh Milk

My Dream Job in a Glass of Fresh Milk

Jolly Cow School Tour: Angelicum School, Quezon City
September 27, 2013

With Wanlu and his puppets

Foodamn Philippines was invited to a health-wise event to capture Jolly Cow's awareness campaign to Filipino children in creating a positive attitude to drink fresh milk everyday. Why it's important and its connection in achieving their dreams. 

The kiddie event gather around the school's lower grade students and were treated with puppet show from the skilled puppeteer Wanlu. He was able to catch the children's attention by way of displaying his four different kinds of puppets. There were monologues and dances with the puppets. Teachers also participated at the event as human puppets controlled by Wanlu. The other kind of puppets were referred as soft puppet (made from soft material) - played by Jolly Cow puppet, a marionette (a puppet controlled from above using strings and wires) a played by clown character and a hard puppet ( made from hard wood) - played by Nicolo, Wanlu's well known buddy on stage. 

The puppet show instill the minds of the children by way of educating them the importance of drinking fresh milk everyday to achieve their dream. 

Wanlu successfully deliver Jolly Cow School Tour's message by way of funny antics and a thorough explanation of Jolly Cow's mission which are:
- help in establishing a strong foundation for kids to help them as they grow older.
- promotes proper nutrition to help kids become successful.
- teaches children the value of recycling.

The main concern of Jolly Cow School Tour is to spread awareness and importance of drinking fresh milk. Average Filipino children suffers from calcium deficiency, this is caused by lack or not enough calcium intakes based on the required dietary allowance for calcium. Generally, calcium requirement depends on age and gender. As an effect children experience the following:
- tooth decay
- underweight
- growth factor
- prone to sickness

- lack of energy

Drinking fresh milk provides children with complete nutrition during their growing years. Milk contains protein in building strong muscles and has calcium to aid bone and teeth development. Most important, it helps kids to have a better brain development.

Parents are encourage to serve fresh milk  to the whole family, Jolly Cow fresh milk offers a high quality milk sourced from Germany. It contains 3.5% milk fat content higher than the other brands, one of the keypoints why Jolly Cow fresh milk tastes even better. Fresh milk is guaranteed 100% natural, it only undergoes a process to lengthen its shelf life. No chemical or fortification made. 
Jolly Cow contains all nutrients of milk like calcium, protein, carbohydrates, etc. that are beneficial for the body. 

The Jolly Cow School Tour finished off with a puppet making tutorial to the rest of the kids. Each child receives a personalized tumbler with their photo and  a caricature of what they want to be when they grow up. The tumblers were distributed with Jolly Cow fresh milk. There were also fresh milk sampling booth for the rest of Angelicum School students, a photo booth and a special Jolly Cow dream board to be filled up by these young kids. Also students are encourage to recycle empty cartons of Jolly  Cow fresh milk in exchange for the most number of cartons, a competition among other participating schools from the Jolly Cow School Tour. Winning school will have a chance to visit The Mind Museum for free! 

Foodamn Philippines would like to thank Fly Ace Corp. and Nuffnang Philippines for the invites. I hope they consider to extend the program to elementary public  schools, they needed the boost most. And at the same time a sense of purpose to feed them and build nutrition awareness.

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