Foodamn Philippines: Biko with Langka Recipe

Foodamn Philippines : Sinukmani or Biko Recipe

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Foodamn Philippines featured recipe for New Year 2014 is a Filipino native food Biko (from Tagalog) or Sinukmani (from Quezon/Batangas/Mindoro regions). Here's a tested special recipe for you to try out.
Foodamn Philippines: Biko with Langka Recipe
1 kilo malagkit rice (glutinous rice)
A dash of salt
1 pair of sinakob (panocha) moscuvado
3-4 pieces coconut, squeezed coconut milk with warm water
1 kilo unpeeled langka (jackfruit)
1 spoon butter

Cooked malagkit rice with a dash of salt.
In a separate pan, heat coconut milk, sinakob and langka. Cooked over medium heat while stirring constantly.
Add malagkit rice.
Line a pan tray or food container with butter or with banana leaves. Transfer biko and press lightly with a wooden spoon.

Budget for this recipe (as of January 9, 2014):
Malagkit or glutinous rice - Php70 per kilo
Sinakob - Php40
Coconut (niyog) - Php18 per piece
Jackfruit (langka) - Php50 almost 1 kilo

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