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How to Switch from Traditional Loyalty Card to Perxclub App

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Featuring: Kopi Roti and White Hat


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It's the generation of ditching papers and substituting almost anything that is digital or can be digitized. I was surprised to find out that my Loyalty card to one of our fave yogurt brand converted to digital stamps referred as Perxtamp, powered by Perxclub App - a Singapore-based mobile app for consumers to collect loyalty points (on electronic stub format) and rewards  from different establishments and point of location in just a single app.
photo perxclub-app-digital-loyalty-card-01.jpg
Perxclub App is free
How to switch from wallet-thick loyalty cards to  digital loyal stamps. Simply install Perxclub app to your mobile device and start earning points and perks.

Check Perxclub App  
Upon purchase, view participating establishments by checking in the app's array of product lists/services, view BRANCH or NEAR ME tab. Make sure to spend the required purchase amount to earn/validate a stamp. 

Redeem your perxtamp or digital stamp by entering the total amount purchased from your Official Receipt (OR) and ask the cashier for a QR code to scan from your Perxclub app (note that the app does not require a WiFi (internet) connection when scanning).  Wait for the confirmation of the entry before refreshing the app.

The more loyalty points collected, the better the perks and the higher value of rewards. Although some establishments impose an expiration on certain rewards. Take note of this before your perx go to wasteland. :)

Here's a visual look of how the app works:
photo perxclub-app-digital-loyalty-card-02.jpg
Foodamn Philippines received 1 Perxtamp with a minimum purchased of Php150

After scanning the QR code this is how the confirmation message will look like. For White Hat that 1 Perxtamp will be converted to an E-Stub (electronic stub) and can redeem a Free 1 Topping. Thus, 4 Perxtamp is equal to  2 Free toppings; 8 Perxtamp is equal to a Free yogurt with topping and so on. 

photo photo2.png
sample dashboard from my Kopi Roti reward points
Same thing with Kopi Roti, the more Perxtamp you earned the greater the reward. The photo above shows Foodamn Philippines are entitled for Free mini kopi buns using 5 Perxtamps. To be able to redeem Free Set E (kopi bun and kopi) I need to earn 3 more Perxstamp! :)
photo photo3.png
Kopi Roti earned points
photo photo5.png
Active Perxstamp

The REWARD - ACTIVE tab displays the complete establishment Foodamn Philippines have earned Perxtamps. The E-STUB converts your points be redeemed. CLAIMED and EXPIRED tabs showed the records of date claimed and expiration of each rewards.

photo photo4.png
Foodamn Philippines profile
From the PROFILE tab, edit the account and connect your Facebook account to get verified. You may invite your list of friends to join Perxclub and view your rank among Perxclub App users nationwide.

photo kopi-roti-perxclub-app-foodamn-philippines.jpg
Kopi Roti delightful snack
Foodamn Philippines had a great time trying the app and satisfying our kopi and yogurt crave! Looking forward to Perxclub Philippines to gather more merchants to share awesome treats to their loyal customers.

photo perxclub-apps-foodamn-philippines-03.jpg
Perxclub Apps new offers and new partner merchants
Perxclub App has recently released an updated version 3.0 with new features and new partner merchants. Now offers users to access Special Perks - that's INSTANT freebies and discount without collecting stamps or scanning QR codes.

All photos and screen captures are owned by Daryll Villena of and cannot be reproduced.

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