Sexy Detox: Healthy juicing for your digestion and cleansing

SEXY DETOX for a healthier, sexier you

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This is a sponsored post. 

Foodamn Philippines has been "juicing" at home with  our recipe invention (whatever is available in the kitchen) mixed-up experiment. We do it by juicing at least 5 different fruits/vegetables using a regular blender and then chilled, ready-to-drink anytime for the immune system. If kept inside the fridge this "natural juice" would last for 5 days at the most under high temp.  :)

Last week Foodamn Philippines agreed to try 5 juice bottles of Sexy Detox to make an honest review. We were given 5 different flavors: Hulk Green, Citrus Sunshine,  Fast Red, Almond Delight and Cocoa Surprise.
Sexy Detox: Healthy juicing for your digestion and cleansing
Sexy Detox: Healthy juicing for your digestion and cleansing

From the brochure given, it says 5 bottles for 1 day cleanse with a 3-day shelf life. The three regular flavors - Hulk Green, Citrus Sunshine, Fast Red taste good and refreshing.

I even let my 7-year-old child try it; hesitant at first (while reading the label "sexy detox"). She commented with "I don't want to be sexy, you said you want me to become healthy and a little chubbier! :) Kids gave meaning to "sexy" figuratively so I had to explain reasonably. In the end we shared the three flavors and had to ask her how it was. "Sobrang masarap, I like spinach and celery! Okay for sick kids and adults although it's sour and sweet at the same time."

But for premium flavors, honestly I find it more like a milk-based drink. I had to make a  pass on these flavors, not really fond of milk-induced drinks. But in general the drinks as a food supplement really works wonders. If you plan to go on a 1-day cleansing, as suggested by Sexy Detox, stay away from carbs and heavy meals. You can replace your juicing in between with fruits and vegetables. 

When someone goes into cleansing and detox we tend to worry about bathroom breaks. Since our supply was delivered chilled on a Friday afternoon, I started right away (Friday night until the following day. Based on my intakes there's no issue on bathroom breaks or discomfort during digestion. There's no effect at all, like an ordinary juice. Although for those taking the premium flavors (Almond Delight and Cocoa Surprise) be extra cautious once you open the bottle, check the drink's scent and consistency. You may check with Sexy Detox to guide you through and can help you get into the healthy habit. Remind them about the ideal consumption date and not to forget to label the bottle with expiration during the distribution process to avoid confusion specially for the first timers. As for me, we love the regular concoctions and might give the Sexy Detox 3-day diet program a try to achieve complete detoxification for a healthier, sexier me! :)

3 Phases of Sexy Diet Program
The Sexy Detox’s diet program is a mixture and variation of the Master Cleanse Diet and South Beach Diet. 

The Master Cleanse Diet is a juice fast and detox diet, mostly consisting of a lemonade diet made up of fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.  The South Beach Diet is a relatively simple diet where the "bad carbs" such as refined sugar and grains (white rice, flour), and "bad fats" like trans-fats and saturated fats from fried food are replaced with "good carbs" and "good fats."   Good carbs are unprocessed food such as vegetables, beans, and whole grains (brown rice, whole wheat bread).  Good fats are food rich in unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids. Specifically, the diet excludes the fatty portions of red meat and poultry, replacing them with lean meats, nuts, and oily fish.

The Sexy Detox diet program is a variation of the Master Cleanse Diet because the dieter will not limit his drink to just lemonade but will include a wide variety of juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables thereby getting more and better nutrition. 

Also, they do not recommend clients go right away to juice fasting, where they would only drink fresh juices as meal replacements.  The program involves three (3) phases:

1.    Ease-In:  The dieter is encouraged to eat only fresh fruits and vegetables and to remove processed food from their diet. This phase will help the body get used to eating less so that the body will be prepared for the juice fast phase of the program.

2.    Strict Juice Diet: The dieter should replace all solid food to “fresh juices only” that will deliver micronutrients more quickly to the bloodstream. 

3.    Ease-Out: After the juice fast diet, the dieter can again supplement their juice diet with fresh fruits and vegetables before they start eating regular food.  This will prepare the body to digest regular food again.  

After the juice detox program, Sexy Detox recommends clients to start eating food that is high in fiber and low in fat.  They should avoid eating processed and fried food, and should now eat more complex foods – good carbs and good fats.  

Press Release:
"The latest to hit the “healthy juicing” lifestyle is a sensual, sort of hot-and-ticklish brand named SEXY DETOX.

In November 2013, SEXY DETOX found its way onto social media networks, particularly Facebook and Instagram. After just four months it has gained a steady stream of over 4,000 followers.

SEXY DETOX is a partnership of Atty. Reginald Tayag and Jessica Arsolon. Encouraged by Ms. Arsolon, who lost ten pounds in two weeks by juicing, Atty. Tayag became a believer in the healthy benefits of juicing. He suffered from high blood pressure and alarmingly high cholesterol levels. After getting into the healthy habit of “juicing,” his blood pressure and cholesterol levels lowered significantly.

Their great results prompted the two to conduct extensive research on “juicing”.  Atty. Tayag explains, “We need to go back to the basics of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Nowadays, we seldom eat or drink fresh. Most of the products that we buy in supermarkets have been processed in order to lengthen their shelf life. However, these processes kill the enzymes that are important in order for our bodies to digest and absorb food nutrients. Enzymes and phytochemicals are very important to our bodies.  Enzymes are the catalysts or starters for the chemical reactions of our cells – either to break up old cells or to form new ones.  Phytochemicals are important in order for our bodies to ward of sickness and to boost our immune systems. SEXY DETOX juices are rich in these live enzymes and phytochemicals.”

He added, “Since I started juicing and avoiding processed food, I have maintained normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.  I do not take any maintenance medicine. Drinking SEXY DETOX juices has helped me a lot to be fit and healthy.”

Reasonably priced, SEXY DETOX is guaranteed fresh and better-tasting than other detox juices currently sold in the local market.

With the coming Holy Week season, Ms. Jessica Arsolon states that now is the best time for people to try juice fasting in order to cleanse the soul and the body.  She recommends “Those who want to lose weight or achieve the weight they are targeting this Lenten Season, should try the SEXY DETOX meal supplement regimen. It’s an all-natural, complete and highly nutritious fruit and vegetable supplement. Best of all, we guarantee the juice is prepared fresh, clean, safe, and delicious too!”

SEXY DETOX regular flavors are: Sexy Lemon, Citrus Sunshine, Hulk Green, Grape Jolt and Fast Red. Premium flavors are: Almond Delight, Cocoa Surprise, Kiwi Magic, Milky Strawberry, and Strawberry Chill."


Sexy Detox Packages
One Day Cleanse - 5 juice bottles of 350mL each
3-Day Detox - 15 juice bottles of 350mL each with Detox teas and Detox diet instruction card
5-Day Detox - 25 juice bottles of 350mL each with Detox teas and Detox diet instruction card

Sexy Detox juices are specially formulated  bottled juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables that are naturally rich in nutrients, vitamins, phytochemicals and enzymes. Regular consumption of  Sexy Detox juices will help in:
- detoxifying the body
- losing weight
- boosting the immune system
- having better skin
- regularizing bowel movement
- normalizing blood pressure

Sexy Detox Fab Five Flavors
Sexy Lemon - Helpful for:  Anemia, Constipation, Coughs & Colds, Gout, Weight loss
Citrus Sunshine  - Helpful for: Eliminate uric acid, Liver function, Bladder, Cancer Prevention, Heart problem
Hulk Green - Helpful for: Kidney function, Insomnia, Thyroid, Skin & eye problem, High blood
Grape Jolt - Helpful for: Rheumatism, Stimulates muscles & nerves, High/Low Blood, Anxiety
Fast Red - Helpful for: Fatigue, Bladder problems, Circulatory weakness, Kidney, Skin problems, Asthma, Ulcer

Market Retail Price:
Regular Blend - Php188 per bottle
Premium Blend (Special Blend)  - Php218 per bottle

Have you tried Sexy Detox juices?  Share us which flavor tickles you most! ;)

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  1. I also felt less of an urge to stuff myself with cookies and chocolate. In total,  Best 3 day detox cleanse


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