Top 5 Dishes at Leann's Tea House Q.C.

Top 5 Dishes at Leann's Tea House Q.C. Top 5 Korean Dishes at Leann's Tea House

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Foodamn Philippines' top 5 choices from Korean restaurant Leann's Tea House
Quezon City born and bred diners, blue-collared workers and bosses are not new to South Triangle's hidden food hub, it's no secret when new restaurants popped out of nowhere. Rest the case and they'll check out the place payday or not. "Unassuming restaurant" as told by Manila's food reviewer (I beg to disagree) ever heard of Pepeton's Grill two blocks away? Leann's Tea House is right beside them.
Leann's Tea House Quezon City - Foodamn PHILIPPINES photo foodamn-philippines-leanns-tea-house-korean-food-quezon-city.jpg
(L-R clockwise) Spicy Daeji Gui (Php220), Kimchi Bokkeumbap (P180), Bibimpap (Php210), Seafood Doenjang Jjigae  (Php300 good for two)

Leann's Tea House opened last summer (April 2014), run by the Chua family (Chinese food connoisseurs)
whose daughter were married to a Korean family. They named the restaurant after LEANN Park, the first granddaughter from both the Chua and the Park family. So basically the restaurant conveys a mixed of two Asian traditions --- Korean flavors and Chinese knack for business strategies and food mavens.

The secret recipe of Leann's Tea House
The restaurant's menu was adopted from Park's treasured family recipe. The family wanted to introduce Korean tea to Filipino consumers hence they named it Leann's Tea House. What's great about it, the casual dining offers a variations of truly authentic Korean flavors at an affordable price. Let me go through Foodamn Philippines' top 5 choices.

#5  Drinks
Dessert Tea - Honey Jujube Tea (Korean dates) and Honey Citron Tea
These teas are served after that heavy meal, it balances the oil-based dish and "pagka-suya" and cleanse away the fatty meat slabs after that hearty meal.

Frozen Tea - Green Tea, Black Tea, Red Ginseng and Omija. From the four samplers, we like the three except for Red Ginseng (I know the health benefits of ginseng but the flavor is too much overpowering for me.) I recommend Omija tea for the kids, it has fruity flavor (a Korean herbal tea made from the berries of Schisandra chinensis.) Frozen Green Tea and Black Tea are also commendable.
Foodamn Philippines: Leann's Tea House photo leanns-tea-house-foodamn-philippines-01.jpg

Frozen Tea - (L-R) Omija, Green Tea, Red Ginseng and Black Tea
#4 Ojinuh Bokkeum (Php240) - Spicy Squid with mixed vegetable as an appetizer had a serious kick. Really? We can have this plate as an entree.
Leann's Tea House Quezon City - Foodamn PHILIPPINES photo 20140830_110146.jpg

#3 Hameul Jeon (P250) Seafood Pancake - you have to try it! An appetizer for those who are not fond of meat. Can be compared to Pinoy's local "okoy." 
Top 5 Dishes at Leann's Tea House Q.C.

#2 Tonkatsu Kimbap (P250) - one of the house bestsellers is made up of deep fried rice roll wrapped in breaded pork; served with tonkatsu sauce. A combination of Japanese and Korean preparation. Although I would love to soak them more with a chili sauce or wasabi dip.
Top 5 Dishes at Leann's Tea House Q.C.

#1 L.A.  Galbi (Php420) - Barbecued high-grade beef short ribs. The specialty of the house, a must try if your new to Leann's. Galbi - marinated beef rib grilled with right amount of tender and juicy
Leann's Tea House Quezon City - Foodamn PHILIPPINES photo foodamn-philippines-leanns-tea-house-korean-food-17.jpg

Other dishes:
For appetizers - Japchae (glass noodles with mixed vege and beef) Php210 and fried mandu (dumplings) Php100. Honestly I'm no fan of glass noodles that's because we have outgrown eating glass noodles from the recipes of our aunt. Leann's version with no offense needs (a little) added flavor of sauce/onions/garlic/pepper/salt to taste even better. 
Top 5 Dishes at Leann's Tea House Q.C. Leann's Tea House Quezon City - Foodamn PHILIPPINES photo foodamn-philippines-leanns-tea-house-korean-food-07-1.jpg

Sidedishes (Banchans) - home-made Kimchi, lettuce salad, potato salad and beansprouts. The kimchi is damn spicy! After all we love spicy don't we? Freshy made kimchis and the rest of the side dishes heighten the flavor of our meals.
Top 5 Dishes at Leann's Tea House Q.C.

Rice meal - Bibimpap - rice topped with egg, beed and mixed vegetables (radish, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms and beansprouts and Kimchi Bokkeumbap (kimchi fried rice with pork).

Soup - Seafood Doenjang Jjigae  - seafood soybean soup.

Meat - Spicy Daeji Gui (spicy pork barbecue), Sweet Dak Gui (sweet pork barbecue), Samgyeospal (thin slices of pork belly) Php240 and Woosamgyup (thinly sliced beef belly) Php300. Grilled meats are best eaten wrapped in lettuce. Korean restaurants are known for this specific dish.

Diners can grilled meat on their own; can be ordered ala carte or thru UNLI Samgyeospa/Woosamgyupcharge good until three (3) hours from the time of order. The cost of grilling is charged per person. A leftover charge of Php250 be sure to finish the damn meat of course. :)
Foodamn Philippines: Leann's Tea House photo leanns-tea-house-foodamn-philippines-04.jpg
Unli Samgyeospal (Php349) or Unli Samgyeospa/Woosamgyup (Php399)

Drinks and Desserts
Aside from dessert teas, Koreans are known for yummy ice cream flavors - French Vanilla and Vanilla ice cream will soon be available in the menu. Melona ice cream popsicles are sold Php50 per piece and Melona ice cream sandwich at Php70.

Smoothies, soda, shakes and sojus (specialty cocktails) are also available. Heard good feed backs on their Soju, that's on our future list.
Foodamn Philippines: Leann's Tea House photo leanns-tea-house-foodamn-philippines-02.jpg

Leann's Tea House interior
The restaurant is a 3-storey building and have clean comfort rooms at the ground floor and second floor. Ambience - perfectly with zen-like, we love the minimalist effect of wall and ceiling paint colors which coordinates well with the wood furnishings and halogen lamps.

The restaurant operates
T/W/Th 11am-2pm,6pm-10pm
Fri-Sun 11am-10pm
Closed on Mondays

Foodamn Philippines: Leann's Tea House photo leanns-tea-house-foodamn-philippines-korean-04.jpg Top 5 Dishes at Leann's Tea House Q.C.

How to get there?

From Quezon Avenue take Scout Borromeo, pass by National Bookstore/Crossing's (Panay Avenue). Next street is Mother Ignacia, turn right and you'll see Pepeton's Grill.

From EDSA- Quezon Ave. take Panay Avenue or Mother Ignacia St. straight towards Pure Gold Jr at corner of Sct. Borromeo

 Foodamn Philippines: Leann's Tea House photo leanns-tea-house-foodamn-philippines-korean-01.jpg

Leann's Tea House
105-R Mother Ignacia Street
Quezon City
[t] 411-8902
[facebook page] leannsteashouse
[instagram] leannsteashouse

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Foodamn Philippines: Leann's Tea House photo leanns-tea-house-foodamn-philippines-korean-07.jpg

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