Cuyapo's Old Generation Halo-halo

Cuyapo Public Market's Fajardo's Halo-halo

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Cuyapo Public Market is located in Nueva Ecija. Our family (in-laws) grew up in the small town with my father-in-law folks' means of living such as rice seller and halo-halo stall. They call it "pwesto" which was transferred from one generation to another. Central Luzon hot weather makes halo-halo an everyday quencher.

The first time I visited Cuyapo was in 2005, then on 2011 and this summer of 2015. It was originally  from the great grandmother of the Villena family who owned the halo-halo pwesto until its third generation marriage became Fajardo's.

Nonetheless, the look of the shop and the delightful taste remains the same. Before the cost per order was only P7, today at P25 (big tall glass) is considered cheap and nice :) That same amount can be compared to Chow Kings Regular halo-halo at P75. What makes it different? They say after 4 decades in operation it's still creamy as ever. The taste never change... although the ingredients were natural just like any halo-halo concoction. Maybe Fajardo's Halo-halo was handed with a secret recipe. I think it's the ube halaya and leche flan that stand out. Plus loyal customers is treated with a buko juice after. Or maybe because we are relatives that's why we have special treatment. But according to my companions... the special flavor when they were kids back in the 80's were still present.

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