Foodamn Philippines: Creamy Avocado Ice Candy Recipe

All-Natural Creamy Avocado Ice Candy Recipe

by Foodamn Philippines

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Summer in the Philippines meant children's long months of vacation faced with scorching heat, humidity  Kid would play outside their houses during the afternoon when the sun's heat toned down a bit. Rough playing makes these kids hungry and thirsty and runs at the nearest BBQ/fishball/hotdog "turo-turo" within the neighborhood. Likewise, children from our block have this idea of selling ice candy (ice block) to their kalaro (playmates.)  During summer when we have free time, we make ice-candy on sticks or in shaped-container. Since we loved to eat Melona from a Korean store a few blocks away, we bought Melona's 4 for Php100 every week and makes us want to try a different summer refreshment. We thought of making an all-time Pinoy fave halo-halo instead of always hopping in the mall for the pricey halo-halo, we prepared and cooked the yummy and healthy ingredients of a traditional halo-halo. We have it in the house 24/7, anytime of the day when our cravings strikes we "kaskas yelo" (shaved ice) and then put on a show. 

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Now we made creamy avocado and creamy mango ice candy for personal supplies and for sale for those who want to have a special blend we stirred for this summer.

1 medium-sized Avocado (ripened)
1 cup brown sugar
2 cups fresh milk
4 cups mineral water
ice candy bags (1.5" x 10")

1. In bowl sliced and mashed avocado
2. Blend in milk and mineral water, sweetened with sugar. You may add more the sugar according to your tas
3. Stir evenly and pack in the ice candy bags. Wash the finished ice candies and freeze overnight until frozen.

This ice candy recipe is all natural and does not use any food coloring and instant flavoring.  The ratio of water and milk is 2:1 thus making it creamy unlike the commercial blends that uses liters of water, concentrated flavoring and cornstarch to yield enough number of ice candies.

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