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Food Corner: Pancit sa Dapitan

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When in Dapitan, we never miss a chance to drop by at Food Corner (even though the house is as antique as shown in horror movies) this pancitan recipes still holds a topnotch score from us (irregardless of how old the place is - 1990's), the small pancitan most of the time are full house, they change their chairs once in awhile, but the receiving area and kitchen are as old as their recipes.
 photo lomi-food-corner-dapitan-foodamn-philippines.png
Lomi PhP50

 photo miki-bihon-food-corner-dapitan-foodamn-philippines.png
Miki-Bihon PhP55 (Good for 2-3 persons)
 photo spaghetti-food-corner-foodamn-philippines.png
Spaghetti Php65
According to source (from my family member who frequent FC in their younger days) the owners of Food Corner are a couple who used to work in nearby Tinapayan bakery, now known as Tinapayan Festival. Armed with a little capital, they created Food Corner "The House of Noodles" to served different kinds of pancit to compliment the breads and pastries from Tinapayan. Until today most customers who came in brought along a bag of Tinapayan bread to eat with pancit.

Our favorites here: Lomi, canton, miki-bihon and the spaghetti; although the spaghetti has change a bit, before the cheese on top covers the whole noodle but the pasta sauce remains the same.

 photo chats-food-corner-dapitan-foodamn-philippines.png
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Chat's Food Corner  (Pancit sa Dapitan)
1601 Dapitan St., Sampaloc, Manila
[t] 732-6988

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