Tinapayan Festival in Dapitan, Manila

Tinapayan Festival: The House of Bread

by Foodamn Philippines

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Tinapayan way back 2003 was just an ordinary looking bakery, we passed through the nearby alley going to UST. Back then the caramel fudge and brownies showed their true style. Today, 2015 the pastries are still extra ordinary.  We came across the renovated bakeshop since 2008 if my memory was right, the place was overhauled and has now an ample space to breathe and dine. They came up with re-branding to Tinapayan Festival  to showcase all kind of pastries you can think of.
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TF Bread: caramel fudge, brownies, ube loaf, ensaimada and banana breas. 
Cost Php350

Caramel fudge and brownies are perhaps the bestsellers (for us) they've been there since the start unlike the other pastries.  It's chewy, not too sweet and heavenly. Per piece of the caramel fudge bar is Php15. The large pack of brownies with nine chewy bars Php135.
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Finished in two days :)
What's good about Tinapayan, their breads are well-rendered to perfect the quality and to achieve a distinct, fancy taste. It's an average man's comfort food to think its made from flour. Customers are lined up to every kind of pastries imaginable: pan de sal (ordinary, kamote or malunggay collab) :) pan de Americano, monay, mamon, pan de coco, pianono, pacencia, macaroon, crinkles, mongo bread, loaf in flavors - pandan, ube, cheese, green tea, black forest, carrot; beehive, ensaimada in diff. flavors and sizes (ham, bacon, ube), cake rolls, Japanese cheesecake, mini cakes, cupcakes, cream puffs, pizza bread, banana bread, cream cheese bread, pandan cheesecake, oreo cheesecake, bread rolls, coffee buns (which is way better and cheaper than Kopiroti, chocolate eclairs, silvanas, sans rival, cookies, egg tarts and so on.

I have yet to taste the cakes and items new to my sight. Since I'm from Quezon City I may have to try the FisherMall branch  next.

Tinapayan Festival (Main Branch)
650 Dapitan St, Bgy 480, Zone 047 Sampaloc, Manila

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