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Updated (2015) Kanin Club Review --- Featured dish and its service

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Kanin Club restaurant known for Filipino cuisine are still considered by many when it comes to average get-together occasions. KC put together and applied little tweaks to a home-cooked version of some of the traditional Filipino food served in our dining tables. The restaurant mention from the list of experimented dishes they had that the concept of recipes was followed by others.

By September 2015, here's an update of Kanin Club sought after menu.

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Thai Green Mango Salad Php190


Thai green mango salad and ensaladang talong were both done nicely, they captured the simplicity in terms of taste and plating. Crispy liempo is like a toasted bacon (our home-cooked version mas masarap! hahaha! The process: boil-drain-oven-toast-chilled-pan fry. Plus we made a very irresistible vinegar dip plunge into native garlic, native onions, black pepper, lots of chili and apple cider). In other words, "walang panlaban ang 3-sauce ni Kanin Club, those dips they served were all ready-made served from grocery bottle, no effort I must say!
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Crispy Liempo Php160
Seafood kare-kare looks charming only when being served, or its has to be the "timpla" that changed a bit, not the kare-kare were craving for, too ordinary to hit the radar. Again past reviews on this dish are overrated. Or it's just the cook/chef fault at that time.
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Seafood Kare-kare Php330
Sinangag na Sinigang the crowd favorite! Sharp sour taste of fried rice with tempura kangkong (swamp cabbage), meat pork, and tidbits of eggplant, string beans and green chili; can stand alone as the main meal (for us). A deranged sinigang episode that we hope to make a version someday.
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Sinangag na Sinigang Php220
Crispy dinuguan is made of fried meat pork (authentic dinuguan is made up of pig's internal organs) , contrary to feed backs they say it's a good one but from the past dinuguan we've tasted it doesn't surpass our friend's (cook) skills, again way better than this the only difference is that it's crunchier.
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Crispy Dinuguan Php290
Needs improvement:
The laing dish is too salty and not well simmered. I should know :) I grew up with my Bicolana Lola (grandmother) who made the best tasting spicy Laing and almost imaginable vegetable cooked with gata (coco milk) and chili pepper, name it she has her signature gata dish (from papaya, malunggay, kamansi, sitaw/kalabasa, crab,  and yellow fin tuna). The reason why we hate laing that is "masabaw."

Another dish we thought was good beyond the rates - Binukadkad na Tilapia. The batter-filled fish is flavorless  and the soy dip is spiceless, better pan fry your own tilapia back home then prepare soy sauce with chopped onion, calamansi or dayap, chopped chili and a dash of pepper.

Squid in Salt and Pepper - overcooked (makunat) and extremely bland. Again the sauce somewhat senseless :)
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Laing Php190
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Binukadkad na Tilapia Php270

Turon KC ala Mode for dessert won the attention of the kids, maybe the ice cream factor did it. After a series of twelve full plates, we'll not walk away without dessert - there's enough room for little surprises. Turon (saba bananas) stuffed with halo-halo flavors: macapuno, red beans, ube yam, topped with queso (cheese flavor) ice cream. So good we'll have them again.
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Turon KC a la Mode Php150
Not in photos are:
Kinilaw na Blue Marlin - Php300
Squid in Salt and Pepper (Calamares style) - Php250
Sinigang na Salmon Belly sa Miso - Php391
Mushrooms ala Pobre - Php190
Ensaladang Talong - Php150

All photos are taken from Foodamn Philipines instagram account

Kanin Club
Groundfloor UP-AyalaLand TechnoHub
Commonwealth Avenue
Quezon City

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