Merry Moo Artisan Ice Cream

MERRY MOO: Artisanal Ice Cream in a Blink

by Foodamn Philippines

"Life is like ice cream, enjoy it before it melts!"

Cow figures always seems to share a good vibe, when I saw Merry Moo's happy cow logo (reminded me of Laughing cow cheese too!) I got the feeling we'll be having a great time mooing around their unique flavors.

Merry Moo's bestseller flavors: Sea Salt Caramel and Avocado
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Sea salt caramel one of the yummiest! 
The enchanting seal salt caramel's sweet and salty peculiar merging taste, it's like
eating "chichirya" (chips) dip in sweetened sauce. The trick with this flavor is to have it in small amount, played inside your tongue until it disappears. Your brainwaves says salty-sweet-salty-sweet-upside-down, they are totally addicting!

Avocado in real flavors, I got this one for my kid to enjoy local fruit taste away from the common ice cream she orders. Remember when our lola's prepared a scooped avocado mixed with ice cubes, sprinkled with sugar and topped with fresh milk. Merry Moo's Avocado hooked the same creamy and smoothness of homemade avocado bowl snack, this is the contemporary version of old school "minatamis na avocado."

So far we've tasted Horlicks and Honeycomb, can't wait to try other intriguing flavors soon!
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SM Megamall store

Merry Moo ice cream is available by the scoop (P89), half pint (P120) and pint (P320/330). We tested the melting point of the ice cream, we brought home the ice cream packed in an insulator bag. Travels from SM Megamall Mandaluyong City to Commonwealth Quezon City. Surprisingly the consistency of the ice cream remains the same, even when the other pack was half consumed. Insulator bags are available from Merry Moo at P100, can fit 4 pints.

Merry Moo
SM Megamall Building A 2nd Floor, near Cotton On and Toby's Sports Shop

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