What to Eat in Fat Fook Manila

Travel Food Guide: What to eat in Fat Fook Manila

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Fat Fook Manila or Fat Fook Taiwanese Kitchen is an Asian-themed restaurant available for Filipinos who are fond of Taipei's street foods and cuisine. Currently making waves in Manila, these are some of the highlights of what to try in Fat Fook.

fat fook manila taiwan sausage
Taiwanese Sausage P288
Been hearing raves  about this Taiwanese Sausage, one of on-the-go munchies in Taipei. These sausages are super loaded and slit with fresh garlic slices, but we prefer them well-dipped in a chili garlic sauce which is at that time not available in the area, along with any other sauces.

fat fook manila Satay Stir Fry Beef Noodle
Satay Stir Fry Beef Noodle P228

The distinct Satay Stir Beef Noodle flavor noodles are always interesting, this plate is good for two to three persons.

fat fook manila chicken chops
Chicken Chops P238
Another Fat Fook best seller are the Chicken Chops, we hope next time being an Asian restaurant, they have the dips and sauce choices. We Pinoys love something we call "sawsawan" right?

fat fook manila cua pao
Cua Pao 228
To be honest, this Cua Pao is something I rarely order because typically they look and taste like ordinary paos. But these fellows are (for us) the ones who get our blockbuster rating! There's no need to ask for that extra garnish to add to its silver linings. They're good and satisfying! A hint of real Taiwan-made from the flour breading to its kick-butt herbs! :)

fat fook manila taiwan style fried noodles
 Taiwan Style Fried Noodles P228
Taiwan Style Fried Noodles are the milder version of Satay Beef Noodle, nonetheless for the price of P228 for 3 persons, they are absolute cheap finds.
fat fook manila milktea
Classic Milk Tea P88
Wintermelon Milk Tea  P98
I actually measure this milk tea out of curiosity. As per my analysis (hahaha!) the big-size milk tea content is equal to two tall glasses that are without any ice. Though it was a chock full, the milk tea's viscosity was lesser because of too much ice cubes in it or probably because they were served ahead of time they melted all the way before we can indulge on it or may be another factor was that we were already carbo and protein loaded, so I'm guessing the best alternative is to have a hot tea instead.
fat fook manila

Fat Fook Manila has a take-out counter, until our next Taiwanese food trip.

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