Food Packaging 101

Food Packaging 101: ePAC Flexible Packaging Food 

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We all love snacking on beef jerky. This delicious snack is the preferred snack of Paleo and low carb high protein dieters. Those looking to shed a few pounds are singing jerky’s praises while enjoying this toothsome snack! Snacking on beef jerky in between meals is an ideal way to get protein and some fat in your diet, which is a must if you're trying to lose weight.

Food Packaging 101: EPAC Flexible Packaging Food
ePac flexible packaging

Have you ever wondered how beef jerky in packages can retain their flavor and freshness even months after the production date? Manufacturers of beef jerky need to source for a good beef jerky packaging company like ePac Flexible Packaging besides getting the right food preservative agent like nitrogen gas and argon to retain the freshness and taste of the jerky.

Consumers in this age are greeted with innovative options that run the gamut from eco-friendly packaging to designs that actually assist in the food preparation process. So much consideration and science goes into selecting the correct container, materials and custom frozen food packaging company for manufacturers. Packaging protects against damage or contamination by micro-organisms, air, moisture and toxins. It prevents product spilling, leaking and loss of flavor. Nutrition, ingredients and sell-by dates are important not only to the consumer, but to grocery stores as well.

Packaging is an important medium for preserving food quality, minimizing food wastage and reducing preservatives used in food. Food packaging serves the important function of containing the food, protecting against chemical and physical damage whilst providing information essential to consumers and marketers. Packaging also provides an important medium whereby manufacturers can provide information on product features, nutritional contents and ingredients information, which are all essential for the marketability of a food product.

If you’re running a small or medium size business trying to break into the beef jerky, snacks and frozen foods industry, packaging should be on your mind—both for maintaining food quality and for appealing to target markets. Among the top flexible packaging companies for foods, look to ePac Flexible Packaging to supply you with packaging for these food products. The company is built to fulfill the unique needs of businesses of all sizes, focused on short and medium run length production that’s efficient, economic and environmentally friendly.

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