What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market

Travel Food Guide: What to Eat in Greenfield Weekend Market.
Night Food Market with So Mot Viet Taste, The Cut Premium Meat, Fingers and Flavors, and 77 Degrees

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Catch the summer theme night food market on weekends by Greenfield Weekend Market at the Central Park of Greenfield District. Run by the experienced full-line real estate developers in the country today, Greenfield Development Corporation continues to level up the outdoor dining experience with the concept of country-style theme and amplifying its product offerings in anticipation for the summer season.
What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
Nigh food market at Greenfield Weekend Market

Greenfield District… keeps a tradition of originality and variety when it comes to cheering habitues and newcomers every Saturday evening. For foodies, the dining adventure in the hangout goes beyond the conventional and traditional for a truly memorable gustatory experience.” - The Greenfield Weekend Market.

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market?

So Mot Viet Taste. The guys from this Vienamese cuisine gladly demonstrate how to make an authentic rolled rice pancakes (Banh Cuon). She filled it with ground pork and mushroom then rolled it over, sliced into half. A serving of rice pancakes comes with side dish made of julienne cut carrots, turnips, and kikiam. 
What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
So Mot's rolled rice pancakes with side dish

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
So Mot's rolled rice pancakes
Fingers and Flavors. Chicken fingers comes in five flavors, since we preferred the spicy versions, we had the Honey Srirachi and Peri-Peri (the hottest we thought). You may add P10 to make the side dish into chips instead of plain rice.
What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
Fingers and Flavors in Honey Sriracha and Peri-Peri

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market

The Cut Premium Meat. Hungarian sausages on stick are great for on the go eats, it cost P65 per stick. It comes in Cheese and Spicy flavor (their bestseller). Frozen Hungarian sausage are available, you can buy them at P400 for nine pieces.
What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
Spicy Hungarian sausages from The Cut Premium Meat

77 Tea Bar. Milktea stopover, choose over milky or fruity bevy. It caught our attention mostly by its minimalist store interior, they offer 4 flavors of milk-based tea and 3 fruity juices at standard price of P100. It’s not “ma-yelo” compared to branded milkteas we frequent but you should be careful with the sugar level.
What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
77 Degree's Honeydew and Thai Milk Tea

Other food choices to try soon. There are vendors that are really eye-catching and gastro-inviting, though we must admit, you can’t have them all in one sitting! And if you’re into supporting local food vendors, this is a place worth visiting. What to try next?

Carnivore Cookery’s smoked meat for 12 hours
Raffy’s Belly Good Cebu lechon belly and lechon sisig
Habib's shawarma
Shumagorath’s takoyaki and ramen
What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market

The Blissful Story’s home-made carabao ice cream
BPX’s buko pandan based dessert
Dalawang Milkmen’s Greek yogurt
Tipsy Cream’s alcoholic ice cream

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
Tipsy Cream

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
The Blissful Story

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
The Blissful Story

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
Buko Pandan Xtreme

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market

What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
Dalawang Milkmen

Other food stall serves the traditional combo Filipino dishes, several milktea counter, as well as beverages station. For native sweets and desserts, there are lechen flan, cheese cake and DIY dessert cups. It's a weekend market so there are fruits, culinary herbs, spices, organic vegetables, brown rice, and salted eggs, as well for urbanites’ kitchen.

Making Greenfield Weekend Market more fascinating are the other stalls selling non-food items. For visitors looking for embroidered lockets, clay necklaces, key chains, vintage rings, necklaces, bracelets and artworks, colorful indoor and outdoor lanterns, hand-painted shirts, bags and dresses. Also, there are stalls selling books, vinyl records, shirts, artworks, toys, toiletry items, and many others, the Market is your type of chill.
What to eat in Greenfield Weekend Market
Foodamn Philippines with Ia Travels and  Purple Plum Fairy 
The Weekend Market also promises a lot of fun activities for adults and children. There are live portrait artists willing to sketch you up, there’s a fortune-telling booth ready to give you advice, and even a photo print tent where you can take home photo souvenirs.

Enhancing the dining and leisure at the weekly affair are the jazz musicians. They start playing soft music at 6 p.m. until closing time.

The Greenfield Weekend Market is Greenfield Development Corporation's innovative way of giving a unique urban living experience for professionals and urban dwellers. Of the few weekend markets in Metro Manila, only this one at Greenfield District promises to be a treasure trove for foodies, art enthusiasts, shopping addicts and country-style nature-lovers. For those looking for a refreshing and wholesome bonding time with friends and loved ones, or wanting to enjoy the holiday vibe, the Greenfield Weekend Market is the best place to visit.

Greenfield Weekend Market
Greenfield District
Mandaluyong City


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