When to have PhOligo prebiotic powder supplement

PhOligo all–purpose prebiotic powder

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PhOligo is a plant-derived prebiotic powder, ready to eat with your daily food intake. Its main ingredient is made from natural fructooligosaccharides (oligofructose) from sugarcane. PhOligo helps balance the body’s microbiome by boosting the growth of beneficial bacteria while slowing down the harmful ones.
PhOligo all–pupose prebiotic powder
PhOligo all–pupose prebiotic powder mixed in iced coffee

The powder content is slightly sweet taste with high solubility. We tried it over warm mint tea, as well as in cold juice and iced coffee. As for food consumption, you can sprinkle it on your rice or just eat together with your biscuits. It’s also great with fresh fruits. Sugarcane is a natural sweetener, I used to remember our grandmother's story with her siblings, when they consume the "tubo" as their dessert or afternoon snack, nowadays we call them "munchies." In a way, people consume a good deal of sugar in drinks, we can relate with Pholigo's health benefits by substituting our sugar intake. 

PhOligo all–pupose prebiotic powder
PhOligo all–pupose prebiotic powder mixed in pineapple juice

PhOligo’s main health function targets the improvement of digestive and intestinal micro-ecology.

FructoOligoSaccharides (FOS) became known “as functional food ingredient in market due to growing demand for healthy food. Research work has been done... Development of continuous methods for FOS production using immobilization has led to increase industrial production. Nutritional and functional properties have resulted in incorporation in variety of products such as bakery products, beverages, confectionery, fruit-based and dairy products. The health benefits associated with the consumption of these FOS has led to its increased popularity as food ingredients and they are also being promoted as functional food ingredient for product formulation.” Fructooligosaccharides: applications and health benefits. Shubhangi S. Khanvilkar, Shalini S. Arya.

A box of PhOligo includes 7 sachets (5 grams) at P45 per sachet.

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