COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine: Relief Goods

COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine: Relief Goods
Relief goods given by Local Government Units (LGUs) 

From L to R (top): Brgy. Culiat, Q.C.  Purok 5 Luzon Ave., Q.C., and  Brgy. Tandang Sora,  Q.C.
From L to R (bottom):  Valenzuela CityBrgy. San Antonio Q.C.. and Brgy. Talayan Q.C.

These are images compiled by Filipino families per barangay / area.  The survey was made by Philippine Social Count Live titled as “Relief Goods Mo, Show Mo!” Date of the post started: 25 March 2020.

The situation may look funny to some, but the real take on this type of social experiment is we get to measure the LGUs service delivery, public servant’s call of duty, those with genuine sense of urgency to help his/her community, and most of all as what the netizen refer the corrupt officials with slow movement/service to address the needs of its people. 

With all honesty, this political group is known to babysit the most depressed areas. These families are the ones used by politicians to seal their votes. They are prioritized for public service. 

This is the economic crisis they’re looking forward to, just like when disasters happen. Why? Because donations overflow and usage of calamity funds means direct access to control the funds. To mobilize the political strategy, to cut the budget amongst them, giving a cent-worth to the prioritized group of so-called poor families. 

The relief goods are said to prioritized the basic needs of the poorest of the poor. Given that they are the priority, there is nothing wrong with serving them first hand. Are they aware there are many average households who had to stop working or have limited resources thus  having a hard time to buy basic commodities. To be fair, these are the people who pay their taxes diligently (while the illegal dwellers have none to pay). All these projects: housing, education, infrastructure, feeding programs, calamity funds, and so on all came from collective tax paid by the people of that municipality.  All of these people deserve a fair amount of service due to their constituents. 

From top to bottom: LGUs from Quezon City,
San Roque, Iriga , and  Sto. Tomas, Batangas

Overheard some of the sentiments of  families from Quezon City.

You should give and distribute it to all indigent or non indigent as All residents of QC are affected.. Indigents are not the only residents of QC who are covered for the Enhanced Community Quarantine. alcohol and face masks just distributed to indigents. You also must ensure that the distribution be door to door as the infected here in QC arises as you have late action and movement for the Enhanced Community Quarantine.” - name withheld

Mayor Joy, kahit mabagal ang response nyo at movement sa crisis, pls.ensure that all QC residents will be given relief goods, indigents man or income earning residents, as all are affected by the lockdown, not only the indigents, me list of residents/voters sa mga barangay during election, di ba, pls use them para lahat mabigyan, to be fair to all and everyone in QC.!!” - name withheld

Last update: 27 March 2020

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