How to cook ube halaya

How to cook ube halaya the traditional way with a twist

How to cook ube halaya

We made our special homemade ube halaya as part of the holiday dish. The secret in creamy ube depends on what's on our grandmother's list of recipe. Modern days, calls for short cuts in cooking preparation. Instead of manual grating, some have it grind on public market - the "pagiling" and other household uses blender. Because making ube consumes time for those who are to cook with passion. Do the manual labor from peeling, grating and mixing constantly for 2 hours. Yes we rely on the traditional cooking method, we prefer our ube to have the grit - chewy texture, added with fine butter and milk. Don't settle for cheap ingredients. Now you know the secret!

This recipe does not use preservatives,  ube flavor food coloring or any extender. They are made with 100% real ube. 

Here's Foodamn Philippine Ube Recipe

1 kilo ube root
3 cups condensed milk
1 cup fresh milk
salted butter 

  1. Boil the ube root, but do not over boil them. 
  2. Peel them patiently.
  3. Grate the peeled ube using fine to medium grater
  4. Place the grated ube in a wok or big pans (kawali or talyasi for 4 kilos or more)
  5. Pour in condensed milk and fresh milk. Lightly mix.
  6. On the stove top, set it on low fire. Slow cook for approximately two hours.
  7. After one and a half hour, stir in butter. Mix them from time to time. 
  8. Let the ube halaya cool down before transferring them to food-grade containers.
  9. Refrigerate your ube yield. To retain longer shelf life, the best way  to avoid moisture is to cover them with wax paper then cover it with the container's lid. 
You can also watch our 2-minute video on YouTube channel via Dei Ville.

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