Latest Scoop from Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream

Make Way for the Golden Moment: The New Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream Is Here 

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November 1, 2021. Manila. A few months back when we were looking for the usual Magnolia ice cream flavors in the grocery, we saw an empty freezer assigned for Magnolia. So, this was the reason why the products aren’t available. Finally, they reveal Magnolia’s yet another golden moment with the new look and upbeat flavors from the Magnolia Gold Label ice cream. 

The latest scoop comes in with next-level creaminess and naturally rich flavors, now made with fresh carabao’s milk for a creamier texture and is certified pure with no artificial flavors. 

magnolia gold label ice cream

Latest Scoop from Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream 

As history tells, Magnolia has been around since 1925. The brand continually innovates with new flavors and fusions with different local ingredients. Magnolia is a well-cherished and world-class ice cream brand that’s dear to us and became a part of Filipino culture. Growing up with a keenness for ice cream, I remember our family food trips to Magnolia Ice Cream House (factory) on Aurora Boulevard. We would indulge with the classic ice cream flavors. At home, Magnolia Pinipig and bottled Chocolait drink have become our staple dessert. 

Reinventing the flavors to achieve their gold standard, having ice cream that sparks curiosity. Apart from the classic vanilla, strawberry, or chocolate flavors, Magnolia Gold Label now has more creative takes on playing with flavors like the Tablea Yema and Wintermelon Milk Tea can ultimately experience a blissful decadent and creamier treats, without a doubt a golden moment for us to celebrate. Additionally, they also came up with 2 unique new flavors that are delightful as the sound of their names suggest—Choco Peanut Butter made with Skippy Peanut Butter and the S’mores made with premium vanilla ice cream combined with graham bits and toasted marshmallows swirled with dark chocolate fudge. 

Here are some of Magnolia Gold Label classic and new ice cream flavors to indulge: 

Mango Dark Chocolate. Mango ice cream blended with dark chocolate stracciatella swirled with dark chocolate fudge. 
Wintermelon Milk Tea. Bended with brown sugar jellies swirled with caramelized brown sugar fudge.
Quadruple Chocolate. Dark chocolate ice cream mixed with cocoa nibs, blended with white chocolate ice cream, swirled with pink chocolate fudge. 
Mango. Premium mango ice cream 
Chocolate. Premium chocolate ice cream 
Ube Keso. Baguio's famous Good Shepherd ube ice cream with cheese bits and cheese ripple. 
Cookies and Cream. Premium vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cookie bits. 
Avocado Macchiato. Avocado ice cream blended with ground tablea bits swirled with coffee ripple. S’mores. Premium Vanilla ice cream blended with graham cracker bits and toasted marshmallows swirled with dark chocolate fudge. 
Rocky Road. Premium Chocolate ice cream mixed with roasted peanuts and marshmallows. Vanilla. Premium vanilla ice cream. 
Latte Choco Brownie. Creamy coffee ice cream made with the finest roasted Arabica coffee beans and blended with brownies and chocolate chips. 
Ube. Premium ube ice cream. 
Double Dutch. Premium vanilla ice cream blended with chocolate cookie bit, marshmallows, cashews, and chocolate ripple. 
Taro White Cheese. Dual base of taro and white cheese ice cream blended with creamy white cheese bits. 
Choco Peanut Butter. Premium chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips and Skippy peanut butter with roasted peanuts.
Tablea Yema. Dark chocolate ice cream swirled with yema fudge and ripple. 
Turon Dulce de Leche. Langka ice cream blended with banana chips, waffle bits and swirled with dulce de leche fudge. 
Kesong Puti. Premium kesong Puti Ice cream. 

Golden Moment Reveal Party

Celebrating its buzz, the country's local talents came together to celebrate The Golden Moment: The Magnolia Gold Label Reveal Party last October 26 via FB Live. Hosted by model Bianca Valerio, with guests entrepreneur-restaurateur Happy Ongpauco-Tiu and Marvin Agustin, 2013 Miss World Megan Young, 2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz, and actor Alden Richards. 

Want to know what’s their Magnolia golden moments and fave scoops? 

"It was quality, consistency, & pure hard work… It has always been my dream to run a restaurant and food business kahit nung nag-aartista palang ako. I knew kailangan kong paghirapan yung pangarap ko para maging reality" Marvin mentioned. 

Happy revealed the secret to their family restaurant business is "To be the gold standard, you need to reinvent without sacrificing quality and service". They both agreed that their restaurants are just like the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream, a product of hard work and tradition. It's based on a rich history, giving us deliciously creamy ice cream that's proudly Pinoy with world-class flavors that suit every taste. Among the flavors, Marvin’s favorites are Double Dutch and Rocky Road, which are the staple flavors in their family celebrations. But recently, he’s been fond of the indulgent Quadruple Chocolate and the new Choco Peanut Butter. Meanwhile for Happy, S’mores has been a flavor her kids enjoy because of its chocolate fudge and graham bits. Her other favorites are Tablea Yema that she recalls as a favorite during Sunday lunches and reminiscent of the Magnolia Chocolait drink she loved drinking growing up and of course, Rocky Road, which reminds her of the first-ever dessert she made in her restaurant. 

magnolia gold label ice cream
Magnolia Gold Label Reveal Party with Marvin Agustin, Megan, 
Happy Ongpauco-Tiu, and Bianca Valerio

Megan Young reminisced about her golden moment: being crowned as the country's first and only Miss World. She loves to enjoy this luscious comfort food with her hubby in their favorite flavors: classic and rich Vanilla which she described as the vanilla of vanillas, mellow yet premium Ube, and Pinoy with a creamy twist, Taro White Cheese. "The flavors are unique and perfect for celebrating different milestones", she shares. With its elevated taste without artificial flavors, she reveals that the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is worthy of her life’s golden moments, and that it truly lives up to her standards.

magnolia gold label ice cream
2021 Tokyo Olympics Gold Medalist Hidilyn Diaz

Hidilyn Diaz and her golden moment being the Olympic gold medalist is the event cherry on top. She revealed that her taste of success deserves a cheat day to enjoy favorite Mango Dark Chocolate (which she also revealed that she sometimes loves to enjoy all to herself!) and the very Pinoy flavor Kesong Puti. It's her reward after a long day of training, especially when she just wants to chill. "Once a week, may cheat day ako so dun ako kumakain ng ice cream kasi mahilig kasi ako sa ice cream talaga. So pag medyo pagod sa training, dun ko nilalabas—kumakain ako ng ice cream” she adds. This world-class Filipina deserves only the best and truly the one that levels with her accolades just like the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. As she was parting the interview, she also invited the viewers to try it “Deserve natin lahat mag-ice cream. Masarap talaga itong bagong Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream. Walang halong biro. Try niyo na!". 
magnolia gold label ice cream
Alden Richards

Alden Richards is a self-confessed Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream fan, now that he’s also reinventing himself from being a host, singer, actor, gaming content creator, and now a restaurateur, he relates this to the new Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream being very courageous in introducing new flavors that’s unique yet caters to the standard of Filipino taste. Among his favorite flavors are, the Avocado Macchiato S’mores, and the classic, speckled Cookies and Cream.

As for Foodamn PH, our top choice aside from our #1 the Ube and Latte Choco Brownie, we love to try over and over again, the Tablea Yema and S'mores. They're all extra creamy and really affordable. 
magnolia gold label ice cream
Magnolia Gold Label Tablea Yema and S'mores ice cream pint

Magnolia Gold Label Ice Cream is available in 1.3L (P350) and 800ml (P235) tubs as well as 450ml (P150) pints. 
magnolia gold label ice cream
Magnolia Gold Label Rocky Road ice cream 1.3L

Shop Magnolia Gold Ice Cream at supermarkets and grocery stores, or online via San Miguel Frozen & Chilled on Shopee and Lazada, The SMC Hub and other online partners. Follow Magnolia Ice Cream Philippines updates on Facebook and Instagram @magnoliaicecreamph


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