Describing the Indescribable with Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar  

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Coca-Cola Zero Sugar launches new #ZeroWords campaign, showcasing creative interpretations of its ‘too good for words’ taste.  

Coca-Cola® Zero Sugar
Describing the Indescribable with Coca-Cola ® Zero Sugar


Manila, Philippines, April 2022 –  To interpret the effervescent or fizzy taste of Coca-Cola Zero® without using any words, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar launches its latest global campaign called #ZeroWords. Coca-cola latest campaign is designed to challenge and inspire the Generation Z fans — for whom social media is their go-to source of entertainment across their own social platforms using a unique collection of dynamic digital stickers and gifs.  


We’re excited to have the Gen Zs try out the great taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and have them interpret how its taste is too good for words. We are looking forward to the creative visual interpretations that these young people will come up with in this latest #ZeroWords campaign.”   mentioned by Cesar Gangoso, Coca-Cola Marketing Director for Philippines, Vietnam and Cambodia.


Globally, Coca-Cola has gathered inspirational non-verbal creators to interpret its indescribable taste, without using words, in a series of visually dynamic films, to be launched on their social platforms. 


Likewise, in the Philippines, Coca-Cola is working with different and talented local content creators who can show people how they too can express themselves with zero words whenever they enjoy the great tasting drink of Coca-Cola Zero. The brand hopes to invite more people to also try and taste the delicious zero sugar drink. 


Seeing how expressive and creative centennials are, Coca-Cola is releasing a collection of visually dynamic animated digital stickers to help bring to life the indescribable yet deliciously effervescent taste of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar – from exploding hearts to disco dancers to lightning bolts. Free Coca-Cola Zero Sugar products will also be given away through free product sampling opportunities and fun social challenges that are rewarded in free product trial moments. 


Ultimately, what we want is for people to enjoy the moment that they are drinking an ice-cold delicious Coca-Cola Zero Sugar drink—focusing on how the taste makes them feel. And sometimes, words are not enough,” Gangoso concluded. 


Coca-Cola Zero Sugar is available in convenience stores, supermarkets, and e-commerce channels. To learn more about Coca-Cola #ZeroWords, check out the hashtag or visit the official pages of Coca-Cola on Facebook and Instagram. 

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