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Exploring the World of Premium Meat from Esguerra Kurobuta

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Esguerra Kurobuta - The Wagyu of Pork
The Wagyu of Pork

July 22, 2023. Batangas, Philippines. In the culinary world, some ingredients are revered for their exceptional quality and unique taste, and one such gem is the illustrious Kurobuta. Hailing from the Kagoshima region in Japan, Kurobuta  or "Black Berkshire Pig," known as a highly esteemed and rare breed of pork, has garnered a reputation for its marbling, tenderness, and rich, succulent flavor. Likewise, with a history dating back centuries, Berkshire pork has earned a reputation as one of the most prized and sought-after meats in the culinary world. 
Mr. Hermie Esguerra, Esguerra Farms
Mr. Hermie Esguerra, Esguerra Farms

When it comes to showcasing the best of this premium pork, look no further than Esguerra Kurobuta, where gastronomic experiences are elevated to extraordinary heights.  Esguerra Farms in Lipa City, Batangas, is making a niche in the culinary industry as a local producer of pure-bred berkshire pigs. The livestocks are raised on a 55-hectare barn, with plenty of space to roam around, and access to fresh air and sunlight, thus producing stress-free pigs. Owned by  horse breeder and businessman Herminio Esguerra, Esguerra Farms was initially established in 2000 as a family retreat and horse ranch. Today, the land is a fully built, flourishing farm complex that also grows fresh fruits and vegetables. Together with his marketing and operations team, he personally attended this farm tour and enthusiastically shared his story behind the farm development and his insights about sustainable farming, his innovative ideas on food chain, and the overall economic impact of doing business. 

Esguerra Farms Team
Esguerra Farms Team

What is the difference between Berkshire hogs and kurobuta? 

The roots of Berkshire pork can be traced back to the United Kingdom, specifically the county of Berkshire, where the breed first emerged in the 17th century. The Berkshire pig was the result of crossing local English pigs with imported Asian breeds, such as the Chinese black pig. Over time, careful breeding and selection led to the development of a distinct breed with its own exceptional qualities. 

The mature weight of a kurobuta which is a medium-sized animal, is roughly 600 lbs. They are primarily black in color, but many of them also have white spots on their noses, snouts, legs, and tail tips. A berkshire boar's ears typically point forward. Kurobuta premium meat has  distinct deeper reddish hue compared to typical grocery pork.

Esguerra Kurobuta Cochinillo
Esguerra Kurobuta Cochinillo

Esguerra Farms stress-free environment

Esguerra Kurobuta are known for their adaptability and ease of raising, making them a popular choice for sustainable and ethical farming practices. The Esguerra Farms prioritizes the well-being of the hogs, providing them with ample space to roam, a balanced diet and maintain a stress-free environment to create meat with a higher pH level (a measure of acidity), as a higher pH allows for maximal marbling, which makes the meat more tender and juicy. Additionally, the meat can retain its natural flavor and have a redder, healthier hue as a result.  The red meat characteristics is a reflection of its naturally higher pH levels, an indicator of its exceptional marbling and deeper flavor. 

Particularly when raised with the meticulous attention and refined techniques of Esguerra Farms, Berkshire hogs have a propensity to grow swiftly and to be peaceful animals. 

Esguerra Kurobuta Porchetta
Esguerra Kurobuta Porchetta

The barnyard of Esguerra Farms are especially made to meet the demands of pigs at various life stages, including pregnancy, birth, weaning, nursery, growing, and finishing until they are ready for harvest. To facilitate the stress-free movement of the pigs from one barn to the next, these barns are connected. Each barn only houses a few pigs, giving them plenty of room to walk around without feeling crowded or stressed.

Contrary to commercial piggeries where pigs are treated with growth hormones to hasten harvest time and antibiotics to prevent any infections or diseases, the pigs raised here are raised without the use of either hormones or antibiotics. They provide their pigs fermented, chemical-free plant-based feed that is tailored to their stage of growth.

The Esguerra Kurobuta Premium Meat Products

Esguerra Farms  has been a name synonymous with excellence in the culinary realm. As a family-owned and operated establishment, the Esguerra Kurobuta has prided itself on delivering unparalleled quality to their esteemed customers. These majestic pigs are a rare find, celebrated for their distinctive black color, fine muscle fibers, and high-fat content. The result is a beautifully marbled meat that ensures a succulent and buttery texture when cooked to perfection. 
Esguerra Kurobuta frozen meat
Cold cuts and cheese platter

Prime cuts, domestic cuts, and processed meals are the three different product varieties offered by Esguerra Kurobuta. The coppa steak, filet mignon, pork chop, porchetta, sukiyaki, and baby back ribs are examples of prime cuts. Cubes, ribs, ground pork, knuckles, and liver are examples of common cuts. Bacon, hams, and sausages that have been smoked and cured with herbs and spices are examples of processed food.

Esguerra Farms Roasted Peking Duck
Esguerra Farms Roasted Peking Duck

A Symphony of Flavors

3 Distinctive characteristics of Kurobuta dishes 
  1. Marbling. One of the most distinguishing features of Berkshire pork is its abundant marbling. The meat is generously streaked with fine, intramuscular fat, which gives it a luscious, buttery texture when cooked. The marbling not only enhances the flavor but also ensures a tender and juicy eating experience. 
  2. Rich Flavor. Berkshire pork is renowned for its deep, complex flavor that sets it apart from other pork varieties. The pigs' natural grazing habits and the breed's genetic predisposition contribute to the development of this exceptional taste profile. The meat boasts a delicate sweetness with notes of nuttiness, making it a favorite among chefs and food enthusiasts alike. 
  3. Tenderness. The combination of marbling and fine muscle fibers in Berkshire pork results in meat that is exceptionally tender. Whether it's slow-cooked, grilled, or pan-seared, the pork retains its moisture and tenderness, ensuring a delectable and memorable dining experience.
The Kurobuta Dish Showcase: 

Cochinillo. Additionally, they have a unique cochinillo: a month after birth, suckling pigs are collected right after they are weaned and given primarily milk. The dish typically involves the roasting of a whole suckling pig over an open fire or in a wood-fired oven. To achieve the desired tenderness and crispy skin, the piglet is seasoned with simple yet flavorful ingredients such as olive oil, salt, and sometimes herbs like rosemary. The tender meat practically melts in your mouth, and crispy skin provides a satisfying contrast of textures. 

Porchetta. At the heart of porchetta is a whole, deboned pig, skillfully seasoned with a blend of aromatic herbs and spices. The traditional seasoning typically includes garlic, rosemary, fennel seeds, and a generous amount of salt and pepper. The pig is then carefully rolled and tied to preserve the flavors during the cooking process. Slow-roasting perfection is the key to achieving the sumptuous taste and tender texture of porchetta lies in its slow-roasting method. The seasoned pig is placed in a wood-fired oven or a rotisserie, allowing the flavors to infuse gradually while the skin crisps to a tantalizing golden hue. The result is a harmonious blend of herbal aromas and smoky notes, ensuring a sensory delight like no other.

Aside from kurobuta or Berkshire pigs, Esguerra Farms are also into other livestock: goats, lambs, chickens and peking ducks, as well as tilapia farming and hito farming.  

Roasted Peking Duck. Esguerra Farms selects a plump and tender duck, which is then air-dried to achieve the perfect crisp skin. To enhance the flavors, the duck is carefully seasoned with a mix of aromatic spices, including Chinese five-spice powder, ginger, garlic, and sometimes even honey. The spices are applied both outside and inside the duck to ensure an even infusion of flavors. The roasting ritual is traditionally cooked in a wood-fired oven, a technique that imparts a smoky aroma and enhances the overall taste. As the duck cooks, the skin gradually turns a glistening golden-brown, creating a visual spectacle that builds anticipation for the feast ahead. The result is a succulent and tender meat encased in a layer of irresistibly crispy skin.

Esguerra Farms Roast Lamb
Esguerra Farms Roast Lamb

Roast Lamb.  Roasting begins with selecting the finest cut of lamb. Whether it's a succulent leg, a juicy shoulder, or a delicate rack, the choice of lamb is crucial to achieving the perfect balance of tenderness and flavor. A medley of aromatic herbs, such as rosemary, thyme, and garlic, is then generously rubbed onto the lamb, infusing it with enticing scents and layers of taste. Slow-roasting is the key to Roast Lamb's culinary prowess. The lamb is gently cooked over a moderate heat, allowing the flavors to meld and develop. The result is a moist and tender interior, enveloped by a crispy, caramelized crust. The marriage of textures and tastes is a symphony for the senses, creating an experience that is both indulgent and comforting.

Roasted Coppa Steak.  Coppa steak takes its name from the "coppa" or "cap of the ribeye," which is the triangular muscle found within the ribeye steak. This marbled and tender cut is tucked away, waiting to be discovered by those seeking an extraordinary gastronomic journey. The coppa steak offers a sublime balance of rich marbling and delicate texture, making it a coveted gem among meat connoisseurs. Roasting the Coppa steak begins with carefully selecting the highest quality cuts, ensuring that the meat's intramuscular marbling is a work of art on its own. Seasoning the coppa with a delicate touch of herbs, salt, and pepper enhances its inherent flavors, allowing the natural richness to shine through.

Esguerra Kurobuta Coppa Steak
Esguerra Kurobuta Coppa Steak

That day, our group was also served with Salpicao, Ham steak, BBQ Ribs, Pork BBQ, Cold Cuts and Cheese Platter. Accompanied with Green Salads, Pumpkin Soup, Fruit Salad for dessert, and refreshment.

The Farm-to-Table Commitment. One of the reasons Esguerra Kurobuta stands out is its commitment to the farm-to-table philosophy. The Kurobuta by-products offered at their establishment is sourced from their very own ethically raised and cared-for pigs, ensuring the highest quality standards while supporting sustainable practices. 

Esguerra Kurobuta Premium Meat
Esguerra Farms

A Gastronomic Adventure Awaits! Esguerra Kurobuta invites you to indulge in the world of Kurobuta and experience the finest dishes crafted from this extraordinary ingredient. Each dish is a celebration of flavors, a symphony of tastes that will leave your taste buds wanting more. Embark on a culinary adventure like no other, and savor the impeccable creations that only Esguerra Farms  can provide. 

Where to buy Esguerra Kurabuta?

Esguerra Kurabuta Pure Berkshire Meat Shop
G/F Herma Building
94 Sct. Rallos, Diliman, Quezon City

You may contact them at:
Retail: 09178203382
Wholesale: 09178524669

How to get there?
The farm is located at 626 Indian Street, Dagatan, Lipa City, Batangas

Japan National Tourism Organization. 01 September 2017. "Kurobuta pork cuisine is the pride of Kagoshima." Travel Japan. Accessed 29 July, 2023 (

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